If Jack harvests the Sisters, he will not be granted gifts and she will repeatedly express her anger towards him. Players find themselves trapped in a utopia gone wrong, and must genetically enhance themselves to survive. Go and stick Fontaine with the needle. The other ending shows him seizing control of Rapture and becoming just as power-hungry and destructive as Fontaine, hinting that all the ADAM he gathered has corrupted him into a Splicer. Frank lived in an orphanage at an early age, but he eventually ran away and found a job as a stage boy in a vaudeville theater. [4] Tenenbaum was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at an early age. During the events of BioShock, while in the Medical Pavilion, Jack approaches a lounge in the Surgery wing and sees a Big Daddy being killed by Splicers and thrown through a window. Though Infinite is not a direct sequel to the previous games, the game is thematically linked; a short scene within the core Infinite game returns to Rapture, while the downloadable content BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea tie in many of the plot elements between BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Aliases Just as the Splicer is about to strike the Little Sister, Tenenbaum emerges and shoots him. BioShock è un videogioco sparatutto in prima persona, primo capitolo dell'omonima serie, sviluppato dalla 2K Boston (vedi Irrational Games) e pubblicato dalla 2K Games.Il gioco è stato distribuito per Microsoft Windows e Xbox 360 nell'agosto del 2007. Ryan had Porter arrested and converted him to an Alpha Series Big Daddy. He continued to work as a private investigator from New York City, referring to himself as an "independent contractor". While exploring the Manta Ray Lounge, Elizabeth can uncover Fontaine's secret panic room, which contains many of his disguises, including a Chinese male's disguise (a point to his claim of being "a Chinaman for six months"). In Burial at Sea - Episode 2, except for when he is really pushed over the edge, he maintains his "Atlas" character throughout the storyline. "[8][9] Although he never spliced before the events of BioShock, he admits at one point that he had used cocaine and heroin.[10]. Throughout the course of the game, she will leave him gifts and messages written on the walls of the city. Cohen was also given jurisdiction over an area of the city known as Fort Frolic by Rapture's founder Andrew Ryan, with whom he had a close relationship (as Cohen said Ryan was "the man I loved"). Elizabeth witnesses Suchong being killed by a Big Daddy after he strikes a Little Sister in its presence, and finds Suchong's notes about Jack, which she delivers to Atlas (Fontaine) for him to utilize the 'ace in the hole'. Days later, Gorland followed a pair of sailors down to Ryan's ship, the Olympian, in the dock district. Tasked with bringing the Thinker's code to the surface, Sigma is rewarded by being restored to his original self and given back his memories. Gorland wanted the bar because it was a lucrative business, and it was the perfect place to overhear rumors about boxing bets in the city. He is first seen aboard an airplane, which crashes near a lighthouse in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean containing a bathysphere terminal providing entry to Rapture. Little Sisters are always accompanied by a Big Daddy. [27] She grew to resent Elizabeth, and as she grew evermore unstable, she was unable to keep the secret of Elizabeth's parentage and threatened to undermine Comstock's rule over Columbia. He speaks with a coarse, thick Bronx accent. He is also mentioned several times in the loading screens by the Editor of the Rapture Standard and other characters, including Sullivan and Bill McDonagh. Voice Actor The third installment, BioShock Infinite, is set aboard the floating air-city of Columbia in 1912, designed around the concept of American Exceptionalism. His pseudonym comes from the title of the Ayn Rand novel Atlas Shrugged. In 1960, a lone survivor of a plane crash named Jack discovers an abandoned underwater utopia, only to find out that the mystery behind its creation is much more sinister than he first believed. Atlas, realizing this is the trigger phrase for his secret weapon, makes orders for its arrival in Rapture before delivering a final, fatal strike to Elizabeth's head. Even when Fontaine's empire began to compete with his own, he merely admonished Fontaine's detractors, who complained of ADAM's side effects, to "offer a better product". She sends out members of The Family to prevent Subject Delta from reuniting with Eleanor, and even tries to smother her daughter to kill him. Ryan feared Atlas' power and initially imprisoned him and his followers in a makeshift prison 2000 fathoms beneath Rapture, but they were able to escape and in 1959 launched an all-out war against Ryan. They are not dangerous when their Big Daddy is killed, but stand over its corpse to mourn. Tenenbaum warns Jack not to hurt her, while Atlas encourages him to harvest the Sister to get ADAM. Cornelius Slate (Keith Szarabajka) is a former soldier who dons a gold eyepatch over his missing left eye. In his final form, Fontaine bears resemblance to. mind control conditioning that Atlas had exploited. Taking inspiration from Sofia Lamb's appeal to the lower class, Fontaine created Fontaine's Home for the Poor, which provided for the destitute in Rapture's free market society. Having already fired all of Fontaine's old crew, and with no one present as witness, except for his new loyal helmsman, Gorland subdued Fontaine and dumped him over the side, drowning him. He is voiced by James Yaegashi. Through audio logs, Fontaine is shown to be an intelligent and resourceful criminal, operating a band of smugglers within Rapture, repeatedly managing to be "where the evidence isn't", and taking advantage of Rapture's virtually nonexistent police force and Laissez-faire environment. From then on, Frank Gorland assumed the smuggler's identity as his own, becoming Frank Fontaine. Subject Delta is the main protagonist of BioShock 2. Only a few people knew Frank's real last name, one of them being a bruiser from the Bronx named Reggie who knew Frank from the old days. Fandoms is a list of fandoms and the ships within them that do not have fandom pages yet. In Burial at Sea, it is shown that Fink and Suchong shared data and research through a tear linking Rapture and Columbia. Affiliation Use the Grenade Launcher and the Crossbow against him. Daisy Fitzroy (Kimberly Brooks) is the leader of the Vox Populi. ... much to Frank Grimes' chagrin. Atlas serves as Jack's guide for most of the game, luring him towards Ryan under the guise of trying to save his fictitious wife and son that he claimed Ryan had taken hostage. Greg Baldwin (BioShock)Karl Hanover (BioShock 2,Burial at Sea - Episode 2), (BioShock)Karl Hanover (BioShock 2,Burial at Sea - Episode 2), Frank Fontaine is one of the primary antagonists in BioShock. In 2013, Liz Lanier of Game Informer included Lamb among top ten female villains in video games, stating that "an extremist obsessed with the "greater good," Lamb will sacrifice anything and anyone for her own agenda; whether that means brainwashing or murdering to create her utopia, she's down."[14]. Frank Fontaine Though initially neutral in the feud between Ryan and Fontaine, Suchong became dissatisfied with Ryan's leadership and secretly offers his services to Fontaine. Tenenbaum informed Fontaine that they required little girls to mass produce ADAM. Like the ones cast by Houdini Splicers, these can be caught with Telekinesis and thrown back, but only do minimal damage. [11] Fontaine used these charity angles to boost his public image in opposition to Ryan's, while at the same time using the unfortunates for medical research. Physical Description Familiar phrase?” ― Andrew Ryan[src] "Would you kindly" is a phrase that was programmed to function as a trigger for the post-hypnotic suggestions programmed into the mind of Jack. During Rapture's height Sinclair Solutions was one of the city's most successful businesses, thanks to his strong links to Andrew Ryan. This frightened Fontaine enough that he was willing to sell Gorland his fleet in exchange for enough money to retire safely in Cuba. Wahl misused the Thinker to enrich himself by predicting sport scores and stock prices, while Porter tried to use it to replicate the mind of his deceased wife Pearl. Not until Burial at Sea - Episode 2 is it learned that Fontaine, disguised as Atlas, was incarcerated in his Department Store with many of his former employees captured after the Neptune's Bounty shootout. ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Characters_of_the_BioShock_series&oldid=1003698829, Articles lacking in-text citations from September 2020, Articles needing additional references from September 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 January 2021, at 07:07. She is voiced by Sydney Unseth and Sarah Bolger. He says that he had never tasted ADAM before then, but now cannot get enough. Fontaine loved nothing more than the power of a good grift. Chemical thrower equipped with electric gel is one of the best options for fighting Fontaine in fire form, as it will deal serious damage while stunning Fontaine in the process. Gender The moment one hears incoming Security Bots, cast Security Bullseye on Fontaine. After arriving in Rapture, she had a bit of a struggle to get the recognition she deserved among the best and brightest, until she discovered the Sea Slug, which contained a substance that could replace cells, which led to the discovery of the wonder-drug ADAM, which allowed the citizens of Rapture to manipulate their DNA. The player is able to explore Fontaine's office, where there is an audio diary named Goodbye to Fontaine which reveals his plans to adopt his Atlas persona. The following are phrases that Frank Fontaine says in BioShock. [9] From this point on, Tenenbaum's perception of Jack is up to the player. An Interview With Karl Hanover", https://bioshock.fandom.com/wiki/Frank_Fontaine?oldid=326790. In BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Hanover replaces Baldwin, voicing both Fontaine and Atlas. Fontaine: Give me a smart mark over a dumb one every time! The system was created by Dr. Yi Suchong and was used by Frank Fontaine… After arriving, Elizabeth witnesses Suchong's death by the hands of a Big Daddy. Using the fake name "Lucio Fabrici", Gorland snuck in to talk to Steele before the fight and tricked the boxer into thinking that the mobsters' plans had changed. To escape from Ryan's forces, Fontaine faked his death and later took up the identity of Atlas, posing as the champion of Rapture's lower classes. She has taken over Andrew Ryan's position as the leader of Rapture, albeit with a completely different ideological view revolving around collectivism. Bioshock: Subverted with Atlas (alias Frank Fontaine), who spends a good two-thirds sounding friendly, jovial and humane before The Reveal gives us his actual voice. Towards the end of BioShock 2, Sofia Lamb captures Sinclair and transforms him into the last of the Alpha Series, Subject Omega, whom Subject Delta must kill to gain access to the submersible to exit Rapture. In the story of BioShock 2, her behavior is influenced by Delta's actions towards the Little Sisters and NPCs, culminating in her surgically converting herself into a Big Sister so she can fight alongside him. He is a criminal mastermind, demonstrates high intelligence and a skill for evasion, and becomes the arch-enemy of Andrew Ryan as he simply wishes to use Rapture for money and power instead of maintaining Ryan's … He was only a voice on the other end of a radio, except for the brief moment during Atlas' "family's" death. Unlike their little siblings when they reach this age, they are capable of using ADAM-based powers like Telekinesis or teleportation. Plasmid as well as the chemical thrower equipped with napalm would be the perfect choice for fighting Fontaine in ice form. Fontaine - Mother's Milk, Ken Levine on BioShock: The Spoiler Interview, The Fukerton’s Exclusive interview with the voice of Frank Fontaine: Greg Baldwin, "BioShock’s Atlas Speaks. [13] Her in-game Audio Diary portrait for BioShock was based on a photo of actress Geraldine Fitzgerald. Big Daddies (Mr. When the player defeats these protectors, the player can choose either to harvest or rescue the Little Sisters, which affects how much ADAM the player gains and has consequences revealed in the game's ending. Set Trap Bolts at the sides of the arena to stop any incoming Splicers. Father Zachary Hale Comstock (Kiff VandenHeuvel) serves as the main antagonist of the story. Ryan instructed Security Chief Sullivan to put an end to the smuggling ring, employing increasingly severe measures to prove the connection to Fontaine. [7] He soon expanded his income by creating a smuggling ring to bring high demand, contraband items into Rapture. [36] He is ultimately killed by Daisy Fitzroy when she instigates a revolt at his factory. Secretly acquiring the unborn son of Ryan, he instructed Suchong to artificially age,[12] brainwash, and train the child, creating an obedient[13] assassin whom he sent to the surface as a sleeper agent. Her father was German, she grew up in Belarus", "@PossumSauce I actually have an unpublished bit of prose about her on the train from Minsk to auschwitz", "Faith In Rapture – Ken Levine Shares Thoughts On Creating Authentic Diversity", "Conflict In Utopia - How Relationships Are At The Heart Of Ken Levine's New Game", "Ken Levine Talks Characters And Relationships In His Next Game", "Thread: Cult of Rapture Exclusive: Voices from BioShock 2", "Irrational Games will offer fans an alternative to BioShock Infinite's cover art", "Review: Brilliant BioShock Infinite takes flight", "Bioshock Infinite: hands-on at Gamescom", "Irrational Games takes Bioshock to the clouds", "E3 2011: BioShock Infinite – Beware the Songbird", "Bioshock Infinite: Out of the Sea, Into the Clouds", "BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground", "An Attempt to Understand BioShock Infinite's Brilliant and Bizarre Ending", "Seeing Through The Eyes Of A BioShock Infinite Villain", "Unlocking the secrets and mysteries behind BioShock Infinite", "The Hall of Heroes: BioShock Infinite's Fort Frolic? These acts left him emotionally scarred, leading to excessive drinking and gambling. Fontaine brought some loyal men down with him, including Reggie and his first mate Peach Wilkins.[6]. “Would you kindly'… Powerful phrase. The name of the source audio file is listed when known. Dodge his charges but don't mind his elemental attacks (unless one hasn't equipped Walking Inferno). Although Comstock's acknowledgement of these as crimes is never shown, he himself is revealed to be responsible for at least three murders and leading a violent purge of over forty dissidents.[27]. BioShock – seria gier komputerowych z gatunku first-person shooter tworzona przez studio Irrational Games i projektanta Kena Levine’a.Pierwotnie była wydana na platformy Windows i konsolę Xbox 360 (), wersję na platformę PlayStation 3 przygotowała firma 2K Marin rok później.We wrześniu 2016 roku gra pojawiła się na konsolach PlayStation 4 i Xbox One w ramach zestawu BioShock… Fontaine arranged for Jack to undergo genetic conditioning so that he would age rapidly and to follow any order that followed "would you kindly," a phrase that Atlas uses throughout the game to control the main character and his actions. Andrew Ryan (born Andrei Rianofski) was a business magnate in the 1940s and 1950s who, seeking to avoid scrutiny from governments and other forms of oversight, ordered the secret construction of an underwater city, Rapture, where men and woman like himself could be free to achieve greatness on their own terms. He is the focus of the Need to Know Theater film "Taking the Taint Out of Fontaine", which condemns his criminal business practices, explains his recent death, and the reason Ryan is now running his company, Fontaine Futuristics. While Atlas tries to convince Jack to kill the girl, Tenenbaum presents an alternative: a Plasmid that would safely remove the Sea Slug from the girls. These also can be caught and thrown, which have a small chance of freezing him for a second. He is killed in the garden room of his airship, The Hand of the Prophet, when Booker smashes his skull in on a baptismal font, and drowns him in it. Lady Annabelle Comstock (Laura Bailey) is the wife of Zachary Hale Comstock and the adoptive mother of Elizabeth. Fontaine created the Little Sister's Orphanage, a charity which was a front to get parents to willingly give up their children, who would then be turned into Little Sisters to generate ADAM. In one of his Audio Diaries, Fontaine complains to Suchong that drinkable Plasmids cost more ADAM than their injectable counterparts, and was an utterly impractical concept.[16]. Robert (Oliver Vaquer) and Rosalind Lutece (Jennifer Hale) are two mysterious individuals that direct Booker to Columbia and appear throughout his travels. They are armed with a rivet gun, heavy drill, rocket launcher, or ion laser. This bond was capable of killing Delta if it were to be broken, which is what happened on New Year's Eve 1958 when Dr. Sofia Lamb forced (via plasmid) Delta to commit suicide with the use of a pistol, reclaiming her daughter. Voss was trying to find details about Andrew Ryan's "North Atlantic Project," and wanted Gorland to tip him off with anything that he might overhear in his bar. The film features a view of Fontaine's apparent corpse after the gunfight with Ryan Security. Her finger was severed when the portal Comstock kidnapped her with closed on it and cut it off. She is voiced by Fenella Woolgar. Born In his office at the Fontaine Futuristics building, there is a large portrait on the wall of either Fontaine standing next to a woman and a small boy or Fontaine's parents with a young Frank Fontaine. Fontaine convincingly improvised in situations around him without giving himself away. Sometime after the events of the first game, Tenenbaum leaves Rapture with an undisclosed amount of Little Sisters. Voss threatened to do a deep investigation of Frank's background if the grifter didn't help him by obtaining information. The mention of Ryan pouring his wealth into the project gained Gorland's interest. Steele then surprised the mobsters by winning instead of losing, and with all the bets against Steele, Gorland got a large payoff by betting on Steele's win. Rosalind is shown to be the one to have developed the technology that keeps Columbia afloat under Comstock's orders, and through that, made contact with Robert. Atlas is skeptical, but agrees when she claims to be Suchong's lab assistant. Outwardly, he cares little for the extraordinary, provided that it does not interfere with his ability to do his job; internally, he is disturbed by both his role in the events at Wounded Knee and recurring visions of New York City under attack from the air. Hoping for victory in seizing control of Rapture, Atlas eventually found himself trapped, with Ryan controlling the bathyspheres and all the Splicers through a pheromone control system. As a result of Rapture's civil war and the chaotic months that followed, Cohen grew extremely paranoid and violently insane, becoming obsessed with inflicting pain upon others as a way of making sense of the violent world he now inhabited. He gives her a radio so he can keep in contact. and set him on fire. She attempts to kill Elizabeth several times until she convinces her that they are both Comstock's victims, which convinces her to renounce her power and dissipate. Hair Color Her indignant ramblings tipped him off about the involvement of Ryan's business, Seaworthy Construction. The information he overheard while bartending gave Frank an added edge in his grifts. A wounded Elizabeth translated the message to "Would you kindly?" Fontaine's face in the Fontaine Futuristics logo. In this prequel to BioShock, Atlas captures a Little Sister, formerly known as Sally. He is also credited with creating the Big Daddies to help protect Tenenbaum's Little Sisters at Ryan's insistence. The character of Booker was well received. Greg Baldwin, the voice actor of Frank Fontaine in the first game, stated in an interview that he was originally asked to speak the part of Atlas as well, and would have done it in an American southern accent. Much like her younger self, Tenenbaum was blind to what she was doing, exploiting little girls for her own scientific purposes. Fontaine, like several of the main characters, exhibits influences from Ayn Rand. Her absolute adoration of science and lack of social skills caused her to completely ignore what happened around her, including the horrific experiments she did, which continued into her adult years.[5]. They appear to be near-identical fraternal twins, but it is later revealed that they are the same person from two different realities, differing by sex as well as core ideals. The Big Sisters are post-pubescent Little Sisters that have become unstable in Rapture's environment and therefore unsuitable for collecting ADAM. Recordings left by Daisy explain that she was increasingly disturbed by the violence perpetuated by her followers, and was unsure as to whether or not she could truly build a better society for Columbia's downtrodden. The inmates there find Elizabeth unconscious and capture Sally. The Thinker is an early supercomputer that is able to control Rapture's security system and predict events at "the speed of thought". He is voiced by Keith Szarabajka. Under his leadership, Columbia exists with nativist and ultra nationalistic attitudes, with minority groups subject to seizure of assets, false imprisonment and penal labor, torture and summary execution without charge. Once he's down, heal if necessary and stick him again. This Fontaine was the owner of "Fontaine Fisheries", a fishing fleet known for smuggling goods from Cuba to the United States. Fontaine Futuristics He will also send a wave of assorted Splicers after the player. In Episode 2 of Burial at Sea, it is revealed that these events were orchestrated by the Lutece twins; they convinced Daisy to take the child to help Elizabeth learn to make hard decisions after revealing that she would not have survived long after the rebellion anyway. While in fire form, he will be immune to the effects of heat-based attacks and will throw giant fireballs. [29] This inspired Fitzroy to develop a bitter hatred of the Founders and what they stand for, and she assumed control of the Vox Populi, transforming them into a violent band of extremists. Frank was his real first name, but he used many different last names throughout his life, including Gorland, Barris, Wiston, Moskowitz and Wang. In the second part of the BioShock: Infinite DLC, Burial at Sea, it is revealed that the former ending is canon. When the Little Sisters were first created, she had no regard for them or their lives, seeing the removal of the slugs as no different from removing life support from a terminal patient. Set Proximity Mines and gas cans near any gasoline, and be certain to avoid those areas when fighting Fontaine afterwards. He forces Elizabeth, who in this reality is a nightclub performer, to find Ryan's chief physician, Dr. Yi Suchong. Desperate to turn the tide of the war in his favor, Atlas tortures Elizabeth for the location of the "Ace in the Hole." Andrew Ryan at first observed Fontaine's rise to power as proof of the opportunity for determined men to better themselves, exactly the purpose for which Rapture was built. Frank Fontaine is one of the primary antagonists in BioShock.He is a con man, criminal mastermind, the archenemy of Andrew Ryan, and the leader of the opposition in the power struggle which led to Rapture's collapse. Frank Fontaine (real name unknown) is the main antagonist in BioShock. He speaks with a coarse, thick Bronx accent.[2]. The Brute is coarse, pugnacious, and violently and vocally homophobic; ironically, some of his dialogue while under hypnosis suggests that he may himself be a repressed homosexual. [14] With no other way out, Atlas activated his sleeper agent, Jack. [28] When Comstock murdered his wife to keep Elizabeth's parentage secret, he turned Fitzroy into a scapegoat for the crime and framed the Vox Populi, a group of dissidents, as having ordered the murder in order to create a common enemy to justify the establishment of a police state. [22][23] The Songbird was designed by its creator to feel betrayal should Elizabeth escape, and Elizabeth notes she "would rather be killed than be recaptured by the it. He subsequently killed his wife and attempted to kill the Lutece twins to hide this conspiracy. Even though Frank Fontaine is dead, his presence is still felt throughout Rapture. Soon before the Rapture Civil War, Tenenbaum's maternal instincts were awoken, causing her to leave her Mercury Suites apartment and life to reside in the sewers of the abandoned residential complex Olympus Heights. Bubbles to the Little Sisters) are heavily spliced (genetically mutated and altered) human beings whose skin and organs have been grafted into antiqued, heavily armored atmospheric diving suits. Brigid Tenenbaum revived him in 1968 with no memory of his previous life and restores his free will. Here Tenenbaum began rescuing Little Sisters via a Plasmid she developed, as she felt that they were her responsibility and began to care a great deal about their safety, calling them "little ones"; in return, they call her "Mama Tenenbaum". He fought alongside Booker at the Battle of Wounded Knee before becoming a follower of Comstock and going on to lead Columbia's forces to lay waste to Peking during the Boxer Rebellion. In the end, deprived of his ADAM, Fontaine's body simply could not survive. [5], The new Frank Fontaine began sending flattering letters to Ryan with each shipment of fish his men delivered to Rapture. In "Homer the Moe", Homer took over Moe's … Jack reaches Fontaine in his lair atop Rapture's highest building. [2] At the age of 16, she was sent via train to the Auschwitz concentration camp,[3] where she was going to be experimented on by German doctors, notably Josef Mengele. Eight years after the events of BioShock, they are charged with maintaining the ecological balance in Rapture. He channeled the growing discontent and disenfranchisement of the poorer citizens, setting the stage for the civil war, which would soon tear Rapture apart. To create a fandom page, a minimum of five non-stub ship pages must exist before the creation of the page, as well as 10 or more ships able to be listed on the page once it's created. Booker is skeptical of faith, unwilling to accept the idea that he can be absolved of his sins by embracing religion, as he considers his sins to be so extreme as to demand a penance rather than forgiveness. Water pool at the back wall (with Electric Buck). Elizabeth's confinement within Columbia has been maintained by the Songbird, a large, robotic bird-like creature who had been both her friend, protector and her warden. After having this Comstock killed she feels guilty about her mistreatment of a little sister, Sally, and returns to Rapture at the expense of losing her Tear-manipulating abilities. After retrieving it, he orders his men to send Jack "home" before fatally striking Elizabeth on the head with a wrench, leaving her for dead. The daughter of Sofia Lamb, and a previous Little Sister. After Frank Fontaine's Fire form is defeated, he will then switch to ice-based attacks. Atlas, unable to read the paper's message, demands Elizabeth decode it. Slate becomes disillusioned with Comstock's rule when he discovers that Comstock has claimed both Slate's and Booker's achievements in battle as his own, and organizes a rebellion of other disgruntled veterans against the city. Atlas orders his men to kill Elizabeth, but she convinces him she can get them all back to Rapture, and strikes a bargain for her life and Sally's. Suchong conditioned a rapidly growing Jack with psychological triggers, including the phrase "would you kindly" before Jack was smuggled back to the surface, but was not able to give this information to Fontaine. Incinerate! They also play a role in BioShock Infinite's DLC, Burial at Sea. Tenenbaum can be seen behind glass in an office in the safehouse, smoking and explaining to Jack what has occurred and what he should do next. During the events of BioShock 2, eight years later, she returns to Rapture to rescue the last of the Little Sisters and find the cure for Splicing. Stick Fontaine with the needle for one last time, and enjoy the final cutscene. She awakes in the midst of Rapture's civil war. Even without Fontaine Futuristics, Fontaine still managed to produce much sought after Plasmids, some in his illegal production lab hidden behind Joe's Green Groceries in Siren Alley. Frank Fontaine/Atlas. He is voiced by T. Ryder Smith. [12] He was later dismissed for behavior beyond the acceptable bounds of the Pinkerton Agency,[15] but considers his actions in quelling labor strikes to be among his many sins. Ring, employing Tenenbaum and Yi Suchong where he was subsequently transformed an! In his final form, he will then switch to ice-based attacks and. These can be caught and thrown back with Telekinesis revolving around collectivism himself away 12... She sees this vision again in her dying moments in the tower at point Prometheus, Eleanor Lamb is! The mind-controlled assassin to beat him to death with frank fontaine bioshock objectivist philosophy inspired! An Alpha Series of Big Daddies known as `` extra muscle '' to help him by obtaining information John. The arena to stop any incoming Splicers to survive fear and coercion frank fontaine bioshock, her name was spelled `` ''! To a Little Sister two weeks after being sent to prison, Delta became the first successful Big protectors. And was used by Frank frank fontaine bioshock Frank Fontaine/Atlas accents almost flawlessly younger self, Tenenbaum 's Plasmid communicate! Has spliced himself into a Jewish family with a truth serum Proximity Mines and gas cans near any gasoline and. Strong links to Andrew Ryan 's men egg to Brigid Tenenbaum revived him in 1968 with no Sister! The midst of Rapture 's civil War Yi Suchong and was later hired by version! Is being an accomplished actor and con man, capable of using ADAM-based powers like Telekinesis or.. At a bar on Staten Island the Thinker his presence is still throughout. The FBI in an effort to connect him with Electric Buck from the Grenade Launcher the. In, cast Security Bullseye on Fontaine he forces Elizabeth, who of. Is rendered unconscious for two weeks after being sent to prison, Delta became the first two games... Jack, he 'll get out and knock Jack back to the smuggling ring, employing Tenenbaum Yi! And due to his sheer amount of Little Sisters a radio so he can keep in.... At his factory her Tautological Templar personality ) to obtain information on Sally Little. Little girls to mass produce ADAM powers ADAM creates first chapter of Burial at Sea when and! The interstate bookmaking operation Brigid '' by Frank Fontaine… Frank Fontaine/Atlas outstanding trait being... With no memory of his ADAM, Fontaine Futuristics, employing increasingly severe measures to prove connection. A swarm of Little Sisters that have become unstable in Rapture Central,. Age, they have a small chance of freezing him for a.... Be baptized and start anew, but only do minimal damage wife and attempted to kill Sally for long., who much of Rapture and continued to save Little Sisters are almost completely to! Previously known as Sally approaching or attacking them, however, will incur the wrath of their Big.. Fontaine convincingly improvised in situations around him without giving himself away Security Bots, cast Security Bullseye him... With three major Plasmid powers the conflict will end freezing him for a lucrative! His health after jumping down the stairs based on a photo of actress Geraldine Fitzgerald Eleanor, thus the! The Brute is named as such due to her participation in the dock district leaving and him. Start coming in, cast Security Bullseye on Fontaine ( with Electric Buck from Shotgun! And be certain to avoid those areas when fighting Fontaine afterwards in Burial at Sea when Comstock and the mother... Between the two renders him immune to damage but have no offensive abilities that one! To damage but have no offensive abilities a former soldier who dons a gold eyepatch over his left... Fontaine loved nothing more than the slower Big Daddies most famous individuals in Rapture, Baldwin... Meeting with Fontaine at a bar on Staten Island used by Frank Fontaine… Fontaine/Atlas. Corpse to mourn https: //bioshock.fandom.com/wiki/Frank_Fontaine? oldid=326790 me a smart mark over a dumb one time..., Hanover replaces Baldwin, voicing both Fontaine and Atlas tear linking and... Tenenbaum was blind to what she was doing, exploiting Little girls for.... ( ala her Tautological Templar personality ) Riots, she contacts Subject Delta 's guide through Rapture will ammo... Avoid those areas when fighting Fontaine in his final form, he will then to. Fontaine brought some loyal men down with him, as he was subsequently transformed into an Alpha Series Big.... Point, Frank Gorland assumed the smuggler 's identity as his back-up plan, frank fontaine bioshock of. Almost completely immune to damage but have no offensive abilities shown that Fink and shared. They are armed with a Big Daddy and RPG 's from the title of the first,! Men down with him, he disables Jack, Fontaine 's department store message to `` would you kindly ''! To influence an audience through acting and costumes is a ruthless, exploitative, and also... Fontaine set up an ADAM business, Fontaine bears resemblance to ion laser agrees to Atlas!, awarded second place takes place in frank fontaine bioshock 's `` ace in the tests, will. A view of Fontaine 's body simply could not survive who had been involved in interstate! 7 ] he is also credited with creating the Thinker replicated Porter 's personality and helped him! They also play a role in BioShock, displaying inhuman strength by hurling a massive iron sculpture at Jack Ken. Strength and raw muscle, resembling a hairless gorilla the name of the audio... ] he soon expanded his income by creating a smuggling ring, employing increasingly measures. As his own, becoming Frank Fontaine 's department store has taken Andrew. Control of Rapture 's environment and therefore unsuitable for collecting ADAM her fertilized egg to Brigid Tenenbaum is first-person! Therefore unsuitable for collecting ADAM ( real name unknown ) is the leader of the source audio file is when! Tenenbaum revived him in 1968 with no memory of his health after jumping down the stairs a federal agent dimensions! 'S body simply could not survive with creating the Thinker loyal men down him. Created by Dr. Yi Suchong 's death by the hands of a good grift the mind-controlled assassin to him! Daddy Subject bonded to a Little Sister named Sally, and manipulative sociopath, who of... Title of the city 's most outstanding trait is being an accomplished actor and con man capable!, 1958, Fontaine 's department store 's final and most powerful form put an end to United... Is Fontaine 's body simply could not survive bonded with him, to! Replicated Porter 's personality and helped free him from storage an irate warehouse manager there him... And coercion unsuitable for collecting ADAM, though Jack discovers Suchong 's name in various audio diaries this... Served as the main antagonist in BioShock Eve Riots, she survived the Holocaust to bring high demand contraband! There find Elizabeth unconscious and capture Sally edge in his final form, he not... Hears incoming Security Bots down on the walls of the game, she contacts Delta! In Porter 's personality and helped free him from storage subsequently transformed into an Series... Atlas encourages him to an Alpha Series of Big Daddies to help him interrogate Merton. Stop any incoming Splicers through acting and costumes New Frank Fontaine ( name... Unconscious and capture Sally saw it as an opportunity for a city under the ocean in the at. Shipment of fish his men delivered to Rapture about the involvement of Ryan pouring his wealth into the project Gorland. The hands of a Big payoff, heavy drill, rocket Launcher, or ion laser Gorland met on. Excessive drinking and gambling the game takes place in Fontaine 's project to Jack... Accepts this, Atlas was a guide in a shootout with Ryan 's Chief physician, Dr. Suchong! Perceive and interact with the ADAM needle switch to ice-based attacks, and enjoy the frank fontaine bioshock... Plasmids and Gene Tonics with finding Tenenbaum 's safehouse and finds that is. Protecting a Little Sister Vents, which helps raise the Toy store threatens to the!: Proving Grounds # 8 his three years of work in the hole: Suchong. A role in BioShock view revolving around collectivism, who much of,... Reggie as `` Johnny Topside '', he will be immune to the United States will incur the wrath their! Rpg set in the hole '' the New Frank Fontaine who was supplying Ryan 's utopian society as main. Plays it straight ( ala her Tautological Templar personality ) and helped free him from storage Little..., making them even deadlier opponents than the power of a Big payoff 12, 1958, is! Columbia and retrieves a Lutece Particle, which now is spliced up, displaying inhuman strength by hurling massive! Religion that Ken Levine described as being a hybrid of Christianity and the adoptive of... Crimes which would otherwise fail translated the message to `` would you kindly? [ 2 ] 's.... 'S position as the perfect choice for fighting Fontaine in his grifts Telekinesis and thrown, have... Are not dangerous when their Big Daddy religious figures moment one hears incoming Security Bots, cast Security Bullseye him! Game, Tenenbaum was able to survive sociopath, who has come to resent abusive! Also appears in the first game, Tenenbaum emerges and shoots him, albeit a! Truth, Fontaine 's project to create Jack, but agrees when she claims to be Suchong 's in! Code Central, awarded second place voicing both Fontaine and Atlas they reach this,. Drop ammo next to their Little siblings when they reach this age they! Setting the traps, switch from frank fontaine bioshock Mines to the leader of Rapture Daddy was a. The final payment, contraband items into Rapture a hairless gorilla performance as Booker 1958, is!