Find more Telugu words at! shower translation in English-Telugu dictionary. cutting horse - One trained to cut cattle out of a herd. Tags: drive meaning in telugu, drive ka matalab telugu me, telugu meaning of drive, drive meaning dictionary. People in Norway successfully developed at least partial herd immunity to the H1N1 virus through vaccinations and natural immunity.Similarly, in … For herd immunity to take hold, people must become resistant after they are infected. herd. Telugu words for herd include నందా and పశువులు, మేకలు మేపువాడు. Herd immunity (also called herd effect, community immunity, population immunity, or social immunity) is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity. How to use herd in a sentence. Herd immunity, or community immunity, is when a large part of the population of an area is immune to a specific disease. pointer, point man - A pointer or point man was first a cowboy riding at the front of a herd of cattle. Herd immunity does work for some illnesses. Pristyn Care Team . Found 115 sentences matching phrase "shower".Found in 3 ms. Telugu Meaning of 'Herd' నందా; పశువులు, మేకలు మేపువాడు; Synonyms: gregarious; pasture; flock; drove; crowd; troop 2020. egregious - First meant "remarkably good" and "standing out or apart from the flock or herd; eminent"; its later derogatory sense is … Herd definition is - a typically large group of animals of one kind kept together under human control. हर्ड इम्युनिटी और इसके चर्चा का कारण (Herd Immunity Meaning in Hindi) Reviewed By. Showing page 1. Table of Contents. 21 . Flock meaning in Telugu - Telugu to English & Enlgish to Telugu Bilingual Dictionaries Mar .