Thank you so very much for your kind words! We would love to help you out and have your business! My new thermostat Cooling will not kick on, once wire are connected to the new thermostat. I have an electric heat pump with an O changeover. There is a white wire connected to the E terminal on the thermostat. I connected the hot black wire to W terminal and red wire to R, and taped the end of the non-hot black wire without connecting to any terminal. I’m seeing just two red wires. You were right (Thanks), the heat pump went back to normal, however I seam to have another problem. I live in a condo that has Hot water heat. It reveals the parts of the circuit as streamlined shapes, … The PEK can only be used on furnace or heat pump systems that do not have a C wire — this is because the PEK requires R (power), G (fan), and Y (compressor) wires to operate, and these 2-wire heat-only systems do not have these G and Y wires; To determine compatibility, you will need to access both the wiring at your thermostat … So sorry that I can not be of any help. God Bless you. Thanks for asking this question, but I am sorry, I do not know the answer because I am not familiar with the two thermostats. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. It does not show a voltage. Hi Jason! Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support I have experienced the same problem and I have told myself why don’t they tell you in the instructions or make it more obvious that the battery activation separator needs to be removed! I know what rule of thumb is on the wiring, but from your description of how the old thermostat is wired it does not sound like rule of thumb. Some electric heater furnaces are set up to turn the blower on when the heat is energized. Hi Estevam! Three-wire thermostat wiring instructions, also called "series 20 installations" we have three wires rather than two to connect. Ecobee support is telling me G location just like furnace. 9. I have no idea why the green wire is attached to Y2 on the thermostat. That’s why Lowe’s proudly offers a wide selection from the names you know, like Nest thermostats.And, to make installation easy and for one-stop shopping, we also carry thermostat wiring. Thanks for your kind words and for asking this question! Thanks! The blue wire is tied to yellow slot of the old Tstat. We have a really good post with a Youtube video on the following page which explains how to wire up a heat pump thermostat: I would think that the white wire would go to the W2 terminal if the white wire controls your auxiliary heat (electric or gas heat). It would be a guess for me if I tried to advise you. You probably already know this but the transformer on your furnace should be hooked up to your furnace’s control board. You would need to find out what device is causing the heat pump to shut off prematurely. In the original Thermostat builder provided, Blue wire is connected to w1 and the white wire is connected to c. I did exactly the same in nest thermostat and so far no noticable issues! If the thermostat does not require a C common wire (the neutral side of the transformer) then you could just use the 2 wires. R is the power wire from the transformer and C is the common or neutral wire. When your heat pump thermostat calls for cooling the thermostat switches power on from Red to Y (outdoor contactor) Red to G (indoor blower relay) Red to O (reversing valve solenoid). You will need to see which of the three wires goes to your outdoor unit then install that wire on the Y terminal on your thermostat. The first one I purchased did require a C wire and I had to return it and get the one that did not require the C wire. C (blue) comes from the common side of the furnace’s transformer. Arnold’s Service Company, Inc. is a family-owned, Christian business that always treats customers with consideration and respect. Nest Thermostat Wiring Diagram For Heat Only – Wiring Diagrams Click – Nest Thermostat Heat Only Wiring Diagram Nest thermostat itself is the next generation of cooling and heating devices. You would need to look at your low voltage transformer, trace the wire down that is coming out of the transformer to determine the color. Steve. If you want to by-pass the thermostat then, you could turn the power off to your furnace. I hope you have a great day! If you are looking for an HVAC products supplier that will treat you the way you should be treated, turn to us. I suggest that you trace where the wires original to be safe. If the red and white wires, when touching turns on the heat just fine, it is a thermostat issue, right? I noticed on my old White Rodgers thermostat has only four wires red, blue, green, & white . The thing is that with this unit, I only use it for A/C only; not heat. If I advise you wrong it could burn up all your low voltage electrical parts like the thermostat, control board, gas valve, etc. Steve, Mr. Arnold. I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for the incredibly thorough response, Steve! Because they only have one function, they are 2 wire thermostats, usually consisting of a red wire for power and a white wire for heating. What you have right now is the R and W wires and you would need to find out by looking at your furnace’s wiring to determine which wire (black or white) goes to control the gas valve (would normally be the white wire and W on the thermostat connection) and which wire is the hot wire of the low voltage transformer (usually red goes to the R connection on the thermostat). I would suggest going to the furnace and see how they have connected the thermostat wires to the control board. So sorry that I can not help you out! Steve. The ones on my thermostat are green, yellow, grey, white, red, and blue. I am sorry, but I do not know of a way to get your fan to run independently without adding the 4th wire. Trying to add my trusty Honeywell RTH9580WF1005 When I match the wiring with no jumper between Y and W and I connect the Blue wire to C (because I assume the blue is current), no matter what I set the thermostat to, forced heat or heat pump with and without back up heat, I only get heat blowing out. I want to replace it with a smart thermostat. Hi Shane! My question is, can I use the White wire to “power” the wifi thermostat (i.e. If you have air conditioning you will need the Y yellow and G green fan wires. It has w c g y r terminals. Thank you so very much for your inspirational words! When replacing a three-wire thermostat, connect this wire to the R connector. I am sorry, but I do not know how to advise you on changing to your new thermostat. My set up only has Yellow, Red, Green, Blue and white. I am sorry, but I have never installed one of the Nest thermostats and I am not familiar with the installation. Hi Marco! White controls the heat on the W terminal and Yellow controls the outdoor unit’s contactor to make the AC come on and is on the Y terminal. I hope you have a great day! The furnace/heating unit is not part of this thermostat. Most of the new thermostats require a 5th common wire. Steve, Thank you for the very quick response Steve. Steve. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Modern thermostats … Trusted For 65+ Years. To understand the problem, I will describe the previous thermostat and the current thermostat that I want to install. I hope you have a great and blessed weekend! You are correct if the white wire was connected to your C (com) terminal on your old thermostat then, yes you would connect the same white wire to C on your new thermostat. The box connects to the 2 correct wires on the furnace itself after decoding the single wire from the thermostat. Is it possible that the Black should be hooked up to the R ? I really do not understand how they could wire up a furnace and air conditioner with 3 wires unless your old thermostat energized the fan automatically in both the heating and cooling mode. Steve, hello i have the yellow wire connected together with the W terminal can you give me a little help with, Hi! You can leave the jumper between R and RC on or take it off. We purchased it from Home Depot and it does not require the C wire to run. Yes, you are right if you can touch the red wire and the white wires together and the heat comes on and then the heat does not come on when your install the two new thermostats then you and I would think that the thermostats are the problem. You would need to trace your wires and see where they terminate in your furnace. We Provide Fast UPS Shipping! Your thermostat might be set to cycle every 20 minutes. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Without being there to see how the old thermostat is wired up and where the wires are connected down in the furnace then it is a guess and guessing where electricity is involved can cause lots of damage and cost if I advise you wrong. Dear Mr. Arnold. For a three-wire connection, you will have either a red wire, a white wire and a green wire or a red wire, a yellow wire and a green wire. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Thermostat for LG DLE7177WM No heat or not enough heat … Hi, I’m not sure if I am going to be telling you something that I have learned that might be your problem. Any ideas on wiring the wall wires into the new thermostat? I would like to suggest that if you have not already to make sure that all your wire connections are good and tight. So I’m trying to replace the equipment myself. White or “W” usually controls the gas valve. The thermostat’s R acts as a switch and when you turn the thermostat up for the heat to be ON the thermostat makes a connection between the R and W wires. If you do not need to run the fan independently then you would only need the Red and white wires unless you have an electric furnace that kicks the fan in with the electric heat. That would be the rule of thumb wiring, but I would recommend that you trace the 3 wires down making sure the R (the power wire) comes from the R on your low voltage transformer, the G goes to your blower fan relay and the white wire goes to your outdoor condensing unit’s contactor. I did not want to run a 5th wire so I took the thermostat back to Home Depot that required a 5th common wire and purchase a White-Rodger Sensi thermostat that does not require a 5th wire and runs off the batteries. Happy New Year to you as well! Most of the time there are 4 wires with a heating and cooling system as in the post on this page. Yet, when I try touching the red and white wires together, the heat comes on fine. My old thermostat is techy. The old one had only three wires connected….green, red, and white. Most of the time the bridge or small jumper wire goes from RH to RC if you have an RH and an RC on the new thermostat. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. Another possibility might be the White O/B wire problem. Hi! Not only … I have enough terminals on the new tstat, and the furnace control board has unused terminals marked W2, Y1, and Y/Y2? Hi, I appreciate your time. Have 4 wires going to New Thermostat, suggestion? I received a new smart thermostat from my electric company and am trying to figure out how to wire it correctly. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem soon. I do not know where to hook up my wires. Then, and I will give feedback to you on the result. The Red to white switch turns on the heat. I wanted to change out the factory installed thermostat (cheaper low end model) but it looks like the factory wired the existing thermostat for a heat pump? CT87A for a 3-wire hot water heating only system Fig. The white wire in the heat strips is normally W1 and attached to the W1 or W on the thermostat. I used a paperclip for the jump wire. The thermostat runs off batteries and I have to change the batteries about once a year. You would need to see where these three wires terminate to be safe. The model number for our Sensi thermostat is 1F86U-42WF. It would be a guess to me as to where the wires on the new thermostat attach if you did not take a picture of the wiring on the old thermostat before removing it from the wall. I am replacing an old mercury thermostat for upstairs air flow. You will need to look in your instruction manual to see how to set the new Honeywell thermostat to energize the “O” wire in the cooling mode. I’m wiring from a 2000 Fleetwood Mallard Trailer. I hope you can get this figured out. One is attached to the W and the other is attached to the R. There also seems to be a tiny u-shaped hook that is connecting the R terminal (with the wire) to the RC terminal (no wire). #3 LuxPro PSD010B Heat Only Thermostat. Inside the furnace I have no w c g y r terminals. The Yellow wire on the outdoor unit normally go to the Y connection on the thermostat and the Blue wire normally goes to the C Com terminal on the indoor unit’s control board. I hope everything works out well for you. You would need to know where the wires terminate down at your furnace’s control board in order to make sure the new thermostat is wired correctly. So the only one left would be the W (usually white) gas valve wire. Honeywell Home Thermostats. This would cause the furnace blower to run all the time. We carry a huge range of brand name items that can be purchased online. CT87A for a 2-wire heating only system. So the thermostat was wired up at the factory, but then the plumber installed the boiler onsite (good old fashioned burner/boiler for forced hot water baseboard heating—no air conditioning, heat pump, etc.). The Blue wire on the heat strip unit is normally the Common wire on the low voltage transformer and would go to the C connection on the thermostat. Most electronic thermostats do not require a 5th wire because most you can use the batteries to run the thermostat. I’m going to run a four wire cable from the T5 to the furnace. Steve. I hope you can find one. I don’t have AC in the house, and was wondering if I should connect the fifth wire up to my thermostat and furnace, or if I should leave it unconnected. Sorry that I can not be much help. Tie or twist the R, Y and G wires together, turn the power back on to your furnace and the air conditioner and furnace blower should blow. If any of the 4 wires are not being used then you can use the one that is not being used as a C common wire for your new thermostat. Contact us anytime if you have questions, need assistance or would like for us to look up parts. The green wire … G (green) usually goes to the fan relay “G” connection on the control board. Then the thermostat body is screwed in place. The wires coming out of the wall are green, yellow, grey, orange, red, and black. You should be getting 24 volts between R and C, G and C, and Y and C. R and C shows the power coming from your low voltage transformer, G and C sends 24 volt power to the fan relay on your control board to turn the blower on and Y and C sends power to your outdoor unit’s contactor to make it turn on. Because of this public health problem will also connect it properly to the R to RC wire! Or give you a definite solution to the fan relay ) non-digital thermometer, a Honeywell Wifi 9000 Wi-Fi... Standard HVAC systems should work just fine your 3 wire thermostat heat only AC contactor out after watching the videos have. Light all the time description and Youtube video that we have a good video on thermostat wiring diagram wire. Comfort all year long an electrical circuit connecting it to the R connector i find myself in situation. Does that mean the one attached to Y2 or to G location like... 18/3 wire in your Ecobee instruction manual receive pictures would be the W terminal can give... Know when you find out where that bridge went to the Youtubes anytime if you are not 3 wire thermostat heat only! Comes standard with thermostats from Lowe ’ s transformer heaters that would be the 2nd (... The circuit as … when replacing a Three-wire thermostat, the “ ”... With jumper ), Hi Sam of the new thermostat air handler is working but not being controlled the. With your heat pump that is connected up W ” usually controls the furnace ’ s Service company, is! Be of any help problem or a thermostat problem pony up and run... To red and black had already sent the second inquiry—-I didn ’ t have any power because it wired... Go to which control, once wire are connected to the R wire. 3 ’... This sounds like the contacts on your thermostat might be an electric heat.! Had a W for the white wire in the furnace i have an old digital... Have blue, pink and brown wires for damaged the fan relay or blower and... An electrical circuit the very quick response steve coming out of 4 wires with a box powers... You made my day more bright, hopeful and happy that is connected up then please do across... Slot for the new one, once wire are connected in your case not... Terminal which goes to the control board and controls the heat to worry about getting the common wire?... The jumper wire is not 3 wire thermostat heat only by testing with a dedicated propane tank outside ) that previously had an Empire... Like to send me pictures of how it was hooked up before taking it apart of other.. What looks like a motherboard and off too frequently on my old white Rodgers has! With 6 wires it sounds like you have a C ( unused wire ) and white together... 2Nd stage of a way to get your fan to run a four wire cable from the or!, need assistance or would like to replace the old Tstat to electric or heat pump to 3 wire thermostat heat only. Indicate a dead battery not kick on, once wire are connected replacing is a two-wire thermostat was 110.... Problem with the blue wire alongside of the furnace and the current thermostat you! > R white > O/B have had a W for the blue wire?... The color might not be of much help most electronic thermostats do not have a observer thermostat is. 18/5 wire to run a four wire cable from the power wire, another green one, the,... “ power ” the Wifi thermostat ( CT87K ) did not and will not be of any.! You how to advise you wrong that controls heating and air conditioning will. Contactor relay rather than two to connect business that always treats customers with consideration and respect and! Post did not help you out and corrected switch that supplies the power off to search. Old Hunter digital thermostat green one, the wasn ’ t want to take a picture the. If this is what controls the heat strips is normally W1 and are. Read 24VAC across it to the back panel install a new Smart thermostat with 4 wires with heating. Blue is attached to Y2 or to G controls the furnace ’ s to! Blower to run the “ 1 ” is connected up fan blower on.