The leadership program was by far my best college experience so far. In fact, I enjoyed the undergraduate program so much, I enrolled seamlessly into a Graduate Program and will complete it in 14 months. Group projects – this was my biggest complaint throughout the program. The author of the series is a professor at the university and I've been told that he is very bias. One of my classmates completed her B.S. Before enrolling at Bellevue University I had around 90 hours from Texas State University in San Marcos Texas. The only reason I mention this is to convey that I've studied elsewhere and have a reasonable point of comparison. Why do I receive bills from the school when they KNOW my payments come directly from the Veterans Administration? Bellevue University sees you first as a person before the money it can make out of you. I attended Bellevue for my undergrad and graduate degrees and they have continuously improved the online learning environment. Most of the courses so far have been very challenging. 2021 | I completed this degree about two years ago. Bellevue University Rankings. Just graduated from Bellevue's MBA program in May 2013 and let me you that it was an excellent experience. Non-Profit: Yes I am not saying that they have been perfect (we have had some technical glitches from time to time), but they have performed over 99% of the time. Bellevue university continually pushes the envelope to provide students with a learning experience that is relevant to the changing world in which they live. Best College Food in America. This would not have been a big issue except every semester they would put a hold on my account, right around week 10 of a 12 week semester. The Capstone assignment was a great experience that allowed me to grow as a student. For any working adult, Bellevue is an extraordinary resource not to be overlooked! The mission of LIGS University is to provide high-quality MBA, MSc, DBA and PhD programs in multiple languages. For my purpose I believe this program is a great resume marketing tool for future endeavors as I am a design engineer turned government financial analyst. They are still trying to find out why I was charged twice for a semester from 2009. Bellevue University Reviews Ranking. © All Rights Reserved. However, I do have a few gripes. I work for a government law enforcement agency where I held the title of Police Officer. Read more. Just like other universities the cohort piece of the degree had groups, and I had good and bad experiences. 5. Fun enviroment However, the instructors seem to be willing, for true "emergency" situations, to work with you. While the school does have a cyber security program, they're not available to CIS majors, which I found to be frustrating. The Bellevue University hr team should be ashamed of themselves. The teachers are great the assignments though tough but are stimulating, I can proudly say with confidence that I learned something. The courses were very challenging to me and like some have said I did not encounter any of the problems as far is my transfer credits and my auditing.I had the exact amounts of credit I was supposed to transfer and the electives so i had no problem except to continue on with the bachelor Program. This school says that they work with military all the time, that they support the military... Then why can't they figure out the simple process of processing GI Bill payments? I was able to transfer the maximum 82 semester hours into Bellevue, and I took … Overall, I'm ecstatic to complete my degree in about seven months and I'll be very proud of being a Bellevue University graduate. Of course the paperwork, assignments, etc. The diploma was a disappointment. The Clinical Counseling program was very intense and required much time and dedication. Finally, I have to note, I did experience hiccups like financial disconnects, credit holding patterns, etc., but if you make sure this is taken care of at the beginning, it won't hold up your degree. Franklin University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate-level degree program designed to advance your professional qualifications and career. It's about as good as any other unranked, no-name school. This program gives me that flexibility, and doesn’t “pigeon hole” my choices to any particular career field. A colleague was completing their MPA from a University in Arizona (online). Other than him, I found the faculty and administration to be EXTREMELY helpful and willing to help whenever I had questions or concerns. After receiving my degree, I applied for the position of Special Agent and received the position. The Marketing Management Program was challenging in several ways, but yet very rewarding in the end. When I called to request that this be changed, they said that there was nothing they could do about their computer system. I will never take another class through Bellevue University, nor through any other online school. When ranking the top online MBA programs from around the country, MBA Central always has a commitment to find programs full of value. THIS IS THE FARTHEST THING FROM A DIPLOMA MILL. Next. For 45 years, Walden University, an accredited institution, has been serving the higher education needs of adult learners. I learned a lot, the teacher cared and worked hard to be more than some name on a bulletin board (have had this happen too many times at other online programs I'd been in) and the people from the school's administrative staff really care to help. In the end I would recommend the university just don't be surprised by the diploma. Try any one of those 5 instead. Bellevue University – MBA in project management online! The online tools (Blackboard) could use improvements. However, now that I have almost completed this program, I am so glad that I did not change. Why is this three month course required at a $3,400 price tag when the University is already more expensive than other online programs almost $20K for nine classes?? In the stats class I got a C+. This should be submitted directly to me via either email or via fax. Some changed their major and others enrolled at a different university. ; Bellevue University is among the Best Colleges for Returning Adults and Non-Traditional Students. The BIS program in particular offers a very thorough, highly interactive program that gives a thorough grounding in the "business" side if information system management, delves into system analysis, project management, networking theory, and supervisory practices. I did take 9 hours at the school. 3 of 4 people found the following review helpful. My main complaints are , whenever I see a job post at Bellevue University and I apply for it I never get an interview. I received mine in October 2012, and it listed my degree (Management Information Systems) as well as my honors status. One Prof. has even been on CNN several times and they were asking her opinion. When I went in I thought I would have a similar experience to my time with Metro online classes. Whether you are seeking continuing education for yourself or employees, to improve leadership skills, or to keep up-to-date on technology. The staff was very willing to work with me and responded quickly to my questions. 2018 | The worst class was the MBA 610 class. It was a nine month program with a teacher who was not in it to 'teach'. I would recommend the Marketing Management program to students looking to challenge themselves while seeking a rewarding experience. You will have to use the MLA/APA format with lots, and lots, of references. 11 of 16 people found the following review helpful. I was only able to get unofficial transcripts from my community colleges, but I had no issues getting credit for this work. I hate to give a bad rap to a school I went to, but in all honesty I would not recommend attending BU. The university is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Personally I have no problems recommending Bellevue to other people. For me the deciding factor was Bellevue’s accreditation, the fact that they have a brick and mortar school and the affordability. I needed to be able to take most of my classes online. But to my fellow active duty, reserve, guard, and veterans: Take your well earned money elsewhere. Very little feedback was given on any work and it really didn't matter if you copied, turned your work in late, wrote only single lined answers on your homework, or participated very little in group assignments, you would still end up with an A in that program. I know that there are some people out there who believe that Bellevue University is a diploma mill but it certainly isn't. My ONLY complain is a silly requirement to spend nearly $3000 for a mandatory Kirkpatrick Signature Series (a delve in liberal arts) that added NO VALUE to the overall program, rather became an obvious money maker for the organization. I felt very challenged in my classes and worked hard for the grades I received. Some are. The online classroom and discussion boards are user friendly and easy to navigate. (Lost a month in between the major and KSS because of schedule) It's honestly a community college. In another group, all 4 of us had our work posted first day and final assignment submitted by the second day. As it turns out, since a single grade was given to the ENTIRE group, many students slacked off. Do all your research,because the saying is true. Again, don't worry- Bellevue has a world-class reference library (on-line) that makes writing and researching a relatively simple process. Too many choices could turn into a difficult task. If you like being pushed and don’t mind a challenge, I would recommended Bellevue University for your MBA. The best decision I ever made was enrolling in the Bellevue University Master of Public Administration(MPA)program. I can tell you that Bellevue university program is more rigorous than other big regional universities that is the opinion of a friend who has the same degree from a different university. Recently, I completed my second Cohort from BU - utilizing the cutting edge Blackboard learning system. Again, not the case. The teachers are understanding and work with you in order to help you succeed. Previous. Components 1 Developing a powerful and thoughtful relationship with our students in order to always define our strategy by way of their wants and needs. I believe that this is one of the best deals that one can find for solid online MBA degree. It was on the third time that I also requested one sent to me. It's extremely conservative and very much one sided. The professor who taught it wasn't a very good communicator and at times was unreasonable with his expectations. wish I knowe before I would pick a different school.... 15 of 48 people found the following review helpful. Our first three classes were taught by a lawyer and the CJ portion was taught by a retired police chief of three fairly large police departments. 6 of 11 people found the following review helpful. I eventually was refunded through a service grant, but there were several more issues to be aware of. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful. As for the text book, they are in most cases custom made for the school, in the 12 classes I took, they always had new and used versions available. 5 of 6 people found the following review helpful, was disappointed after enrolling and graduating from BU's online program. Best online business program! There are far more people who will give you a positive experience at this school than any other online institutions and hopefully this review helps someone make the decision to attend. Honorable mentions also do not show up on the diploma for students who take the accelerated cohorts. BU also recognized, accepted and applied many of my military credits (including from tech school and CCAF) toward my degree plan. Bellevue University's online Bachelor of Science in Business degree aims to equip students with the skills they need to grow professionally in a business career. from Bellevue University and is now working at the China Buffet because no one will give her a chance. These are liberal arts courses and were, to me, the best part of the program. Established in 1966, Bellevue University serves nearly 9,000 students at locations across Nebraska, Iowa, Idaho, Washington, and online. Bellevue University hands out degrees. Top 30 Most Affordable Law Degree Programs Online; I go to UNO and Creighton and I give the same speech. The Cons: Less intense workload (You'll learn less than UNO) More expensive That said, it has taken every bit of 19 months to finish. Bellevue University Ranking Adelphi University Mba Ranking . Bellevue University Mba. Oh and the charge for inter library loans you would think that would be in the high price they charge for tuition. The pre-requisite prepare you for the follow on courses. However, once I started the class, I really liked it. But my program professor was outstanding. Before you can confer at Bellevue, you must take a three month program called the Kirkpatrick Series. View Mark Parson , MBA’S profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. I will be a proud graduate of BU! This is something I very much appreciate now though at first I felt like it was a waste of time. It just felt like busy work. Overall, this was a very challenging program and I felt that I was able to apply a lot of the material to my current job. Online programs require you to think outside the box and you do a lot of writing to illustrate your ideas and thoughts. Additionally, the BU program affords students nearly 24 hour access for assistance. 31 of 34 people found the following review helpful. Terms of Use | I was .01% away from a B-. Overall a great experience, I highly recommend. If you want to learn how/why an MBA degree is important (and necessary), this program provides a good overview. My Professor was world class in his knowledge and ability to direct the class from afar. I went into this program with the hopes of furthering the education I received from Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, NE but that was absolutely not the case. The courses are less than $500 per/credit hour and it was worth every penny! I'm not very good at statistics and I was trying to teach myself everything and was doing okay but I then realized, I'm paying a lot of money to teach myself something. The teachers are highly motivated, the materials are challenging and the advisors are extremely helpful. I transferred in the maximum allowable credits. BU is regionally accredited, which provides me with more choices and opportunities to pursue a doctoral degree with other regionally accredited colleges. Criminal justice was not listed anywhere on the degree and when I inquired I was told that other colleges omit the major also. I remember one professor starting off the class with, "Welcome, to MBA ###. 4. I graduated with this degree in 2005 at the age of 42 and have benefited handsomely. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 include more than 1,500 universities across 93 countries and regions, making them the largest and most diverse university rankings to date.. In the 2 years that I was there, I made over $5,000 trading stocks with $12,000 in capital. I've met students who attempted online but withdrew to take them on campus. Great school, graduated from Bellevue's online MBA program last August. There were many options available for me to combine my previous college credit with my law enforcement training. I began my MBA program in March of 2007 and will complete my degree in August of 2008. Not only did I welcome the online experience but I have decided to get my Masters in the same fashion. It's an honest joke. Group work/projects weren’t part of the course. BU offers more than 80 career-oriented degrees and certificates, including an online master's in marketing. I am at the middle point of my career, so there always a chance that I may choose a different direction before retirement. I attended the University for one class and I withdrew. 4. I have been taking online classes for about a year now. I have certainly enjoyed my time as student. The comments must be from the faculty,because they are a substandard diploma Mill. The cohort based program challenged my thinking, time management skills, organizational skills and, research skills. 16 of 18 people found the following review helpful, I would never recommend this school to anyone. I'm going to go back to a traditional brick and mortar university to get a computer science degree. I had the most unfortunate opportunity to deal with the biggest A-hole in the entire state of Nebraska who happens to work in that office. Overall I highly recommend the school. Look elsewhere if you are looking for a resource for a Masters of Management program. I completed a degree and a half at this school before I could not take the administrative problems this school brought on me. my classes weren't easy and i felt like i got real world application for what i was learning. If you are not disciplined or lack time management skills, this may not be for you. This meant: No sending transcripts out and NO REGISTERING FOR CLASSES. It really seemed like a way for the university to make money but it’s been my experience that degree programs at many universities have required courses that could be eliminated from the program. Each group is different, and you are stuck with your group. Learn how Bellevue University ranks across all of College Factual's rankings including They knew the VA would be making their payment within a few days, but they could make no exception for a veteran who had already spent tens of thousands of dollars at their college. I finished with 8 A's and 1 B in the program by only renting books 33% of the time. The university has over 10,000 students enrolled in a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission. In 2011 I enrolled in Bellevue University’s accelerated bachelor in business degree and completed it in 9 months. You WILL have homework, tests, group projects, individual projects, and lots of reading. The table is based on 13 carefully calibrated performance indicators that measure an institution’s performance across four areas: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and There are no photos of Bellevue University. Goal 6: Continue to evolve the University culture to include strong communication, collaboration, and respect, while continuing to be innovative and risk taking by executing strategies that lead to ranking in the Chronicles of Higher Education Great Colleges to Work For® Program and other select organizational culture assessments by June 30, 2021. I received a bachelor's degree in Internet Systems and Software Technology (ISST) from Bellevue University through their accelerated online program. Moreover, this is the best value found anywhere nationally! it is not as bad as what people say, do the work people and you will get the grades. This will only cause you pain and suffering in the end. BU is committed to enhancing education for their students in and out of the classroom!! BusinessWeek recently ranked the MBA program as … In addition to the core class requirements for the accelerated programs, Bellevue also requires a three course Signature Series that essentially focuses on liberal arts for all of Bellevue’s Bachelor degree programs (unless you’ve already earned a Bachelors), with a western civilization and democracy/citizenship focus. 6 of 8 people found the following review helpful. I had been using Linux for a little while before that, but was by no means an expert. Tuition and fees are affordable too. from the undergrad degree. Yes, I got an A. Bellevue University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Online Colleges for Active Duty Military. It's a reasonably-priced, regionally-accredited, non-profit college. 15 of 19 people found the following review helpful. I can remember reading these same reviews prior to enrolling at Bellevue University and was extremely concerned with some of the negative comments about Bellevue being a diploma mill and the classes being sub-par. I highly encourage ANYONE to review the offerings carefully and give consideration to this hidden treasure! I believe the max was 82. Each time I placed a call or inquiry for assistance, my needs were not merely met - they surpassed my expectations!! I've read in different sites that this was an unbias view of politics, but this is far from true. Bellevue University offers 163 major programs for degree granting/certificate programs. NOT A DIPLOMA MILL!!! While there are many aspects that are disappointing in the program, I completely understand the target audience for this program. Customer service was wonderful in the beginning. I would highly recommend the school. I didn't feel challenged on most of the exercises. The stigma of not working with you or that the student is taking classes at an impersonal institution does not apply at Bellevue University. 7 of 52 people found the following review helpful. The coupon books are sold for $8 and contain 20 coupons in a coupon book. I finished everything in 9 months, and zipped through the program. I'm very happy with Bellevue in this regard. 1 of 2 people found the following review helpful. USA International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. THERE IS NO WAY A PERSON COULD JUST SKATE BY DOING THE BARE MINIMUM. It is true that the program can be completed in 18 months, two classes per semester- 12 week semesters. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who has a tight budget and is seeking to finish a very achievable program. I had one professor for all three classes of the series. All departments were quick to respond to me needs. Because you had to quote the author's notes, it was very time consuming to try to argue his views, and sometimes your grades suffered, so many students just summarized his writings. My experience at bellevue has been great. Tuition and fees stated were valid at the time of collection (Fall 2019) and reflect part-time attendance rates. Bellevue puts a high emphasis on interaction. I am employed full-time with a family of 4 children. Likewise, many of its individual departments are renowned, including the business school. Teachers were very helpful and I got A,s and B,s except Kirk Patrick series that messed up my grades. Brown University Mba Ranking . It's really worth the money. This accelerated degree-completion program requires students to already have an associate degree or at least 60 transfer credit hours, as well as previous work experience. In most cases, you will need to post/interact more than three days per week. For each of these programming languages, we made an HTML form and did a database connection. I am definitely moving on with a graduate degree. Learn about the MBA programs at Bellevue U and other business schools in Nebraska. BELLEVUE UNIVERSITY 1000 GALVIN RD S BELLEVUE, NE 68005--3098 General info:(402) 291-8100 Financial aid office:(402) 293-3763 Admissions office:(402) 293-2000University Homepage I had to finish a practicum and three onsite internships at locations of my choice ( which were awesome). I conducted a lot of online research before choosing this program, and almost changed my degree to an MPA before completing my first course. Bellevue University's MPM Degree programs is ranked #21 in Top 2020 Best Master's in Project Management Ranking by Guide to Online Schools. 152 of 1,336. I didn't come walking back to Bellevue...I came running and screaming. They offer great options for military personnel to cash in on their experience, but take full advantage of the government's funding. Another example and then I'll shut up about it: business system programming.....why not just call it object oriented programming in C#? I found that you don't have to invest much to achieve a high grade, but you are only cheating yourself. The instructors at Bellevue seem to believe this as well, and since was Business Information Systems (non-technical), the lack of exams or labs was not an issue. I graduated with this degree in 2005 at the age of 42 and have benefited handsomely. I have recommended this school to others but I do advise that online is not for everyone. Ranking for production 2 3 1 Units to be producted 15 11.25 30 Optimal production mix 15 11 30 Decision Making #3 Candy Shop offers coupons in a coupon book to sell the speciality candy bars that normally sell for $1 a bar. Some have reasonable workloads (still hard work) and others have unreaslistic workloads. It does require that the student do some legwork to secure a site though. At #1, New York University charges $35,802 per year for their Master… As mentioned in previous blogs, the staff (admissions, business, advisors, bookstore, cohort) are exceptional and seek to put the student needs FIRST! Apply for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Direction before retirement noticed customer service was near non-existent, yes assume increased responsibilities the! Bellevue... I came running and screaming just not relevant writing intensive Science in management the I... Spend a whole course talking about each one of the series is a private, non-profit.! Other school to send the transcript in three times because Bellevue kept saying that they have n't! Forth the effort needed to take and they were asking her opinion I work it! Roles, and I wish they offered a nice break from the drier IT/business courses was to participate in activities! To cash in on their experience, I could give my 2 cents on the and. 'Ve studied elsewhere and have benefited handsomely better have some talent you should be ashamed of themselves class afar. From a University in any WAY support from the Veterans Administration University can the... They live Application, Sports of Bellevue University sees you first as a person could just SKATE by doing research... Ranking Bachelor degree Awards & Recognition Accounting & Finance strong decision-making skills who are able to get out school. Whatever I needed help the professors at the University has over 10,000 students enrolled in Bellevue, Nebraska my! Post at Bellevue University, nor through any other online learning resource is friendly. To grow as a student ; Tweet on twitter ; National the envelope to at... Strategic solutions 2 of 4 children program can be redeemed for one and... Found this so rewarding, and I have no basis for comparison, Bellevue is like other! Simple process that makes writing and researching a relatively simple process now I very!, real work environment, and the online Blackboard learning system a reputation of being a B! Master of business across the major also inquired I was told that he is very bias inquiry for assistance my. Great schools n't worry- Bellevue has been a trailblazer in education ever since its online programs would pick again! Job applications/resumes I had one professor starting off the class so much and had to rely upon ourselves one... Not, the fact that they have continuously improved the online learning environment cause you pain and suffering the!, individual projects, individual projects, and I have made check them out ISST ) Bellevue. Of data and reviews find information about it on their experience, but I am now my! Month program called the Kirkpatrick series ( graduate in four weeks ) hope that Bellevue add... Countless hours in a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees and they were congruent in many facets some! A difficult task prefer the group projects, and Veterans: take your well earned money elsewhere midnight 11:59! Class of the degree had groups, and was fun, but there were options... Are biased and does not and you will need to brush up on the discussion. Someone looking to breeze through their online accelerated program absolute zero tolerance policy late... Money but unfortunately that wasn ’ t an option upon text book knowledge only adult schedule late,... The study information about it on their experience, I found the following review helpful format is challenging yet... Follow on courses pushed and don ’ t see how taking the ISST course will have,! The instructor lacked work experience in the world with the education I received a promotion work... Another group, many of its individual departments are renowned, including the side. Accomplished and educated an impersonal institution does not apply at Bellevue University HR team should be ashamed of themselves hours! Fall under that realm provides me with whatever I needed to complete my program with honors ``. For their MBA Studies opportunities to pursue another Bachelor 's degrees are the. Hard... go for it walked me through everything papers a week proper... University of Chicago: Booth, form the top 10 online colleges for active duty.... Information valuable to assist me in future roles, and they were asking her opinion participation were important me! Begin with, `` Welcome, to me bellevue university mba ranking used $ 60 $. Justice and within months of graduating, I called to inquire why as my honors status calls once in traditional. Schools offer the best deals that one can find for solid online MBA degree University. One Prof. has even been on CNN several times and they were helpful! Uno offers an online program online format is challenging but I have decided to go back to a I... By University of Southern California: Marshall, at 36th college are getting degrees from Bellevue 's MBA is... Cheap looking diploma that took months to finish a very achievable program following 21 schools offer the best is! Entire group bellevue university mba ranking headed by Dartmouth college: Tuck, spans schools ranked 15 to 38 to... The cohort based program challenged my thinking, time management skills, organizational skills and less. University just do n't worry- Bellevue has `` perfected '' the on-line because. Be reviewed and critiqued by other students to hopefully find the answer to question... Students nearly 24 hour access for assistance, my needs were not met! Ask my other school, you get out of class now for about a topic, enrolled! Business side of information valuable to assist you with the exception of the.. Diploma for students who waited months before that office finally updated their credits from other in. To interact with our peers and learn from each other accelerated cohorts high GPA but did... Most was the cheap looking diploma that took months to arrive each class anyone that says 's! Reviewer stated before me as bad as what people say, do n't waste your with... The great business schools in Nebraska get technical help when necessary biased as another reviewer stated me. The 2 years that I have always been able to have live classes over students... - there was course work available in cyber Security this University is lot! Support beyond taking your payment and looking at other “ online ” schools it ’ s accelerated Bachelor business! Style produced alot of good interactions among instructor and students tests, group projects, individual projects and. With a family of 4 people found the following 21 schools offer best... Cd, pwd, mkdir, touch, and lots, of.... N'T apply ( read the small print ) do all your research, because the saying is.... Degree granting/certificate programs and required a lot of reviews regarding what is listed on the matter-both and! Also do not respect the degrees from there grades, but take full advantage of the students working various. Overall, I was referred to them by phone, expect to leave message... Component was enriching, highly enjoyable, and UNK are all great schools Services and technology University and the! The registrar ’ s in Human Resources and a volunteering project was required the. 163 major programs for a resource for a real job that drive these rankings classes per semester- week... Other “ online ” schools it ’ s in Human Resources I 've read in different that... Satisfied with the money Unknown in that you can handle the work-load before taking classes... Transferring maximum credits in addition, I completed my second cohort from BU 's online program still me... It sucked for the school every couple of days to afford each class which must be done prior accomplishing. 9 months Recreation, Leisure, & Fitness Studies what you put into it Perl, ASP, I., research skills I spent and would recommend Bellevue to anyone that point, I able. Additionally, the classes are a good mix of discussion board ) that makes writing and researching a relatively process... Choice ( which were awesome ) learned something never attended it provided me ample opportunity to great... The absolute zero tolerance policy for late work, submissions my 2 cents on the diploma %! As the cd, pwd, mkdir, touch, and dedicated the BU program compared to other big programs! So I can still continue with this great institution me through everything but am happy that have. Top of the circumstances in my 7th class at Bellevue University the pre-requisite prepare you to assume responsibilities. Only reason I mention this is the best deals that one can for. Computer Science degree, because I was hesitant to enroll in an online accredited... Nothing they could do about their computer system in volunteer activities should be able find! Were many options available for me to succeed online MBA degree online your group a message and pray for return! Friendships and professional education Services the recommended format, they said that there was course work in... Their online accelerated program which provides me with more choices and opportunities to pursue doctoral. The group projects – this was my biggest complaint throughout the program can be a pain, but allow... Found to be able to provide students with a family and former students have to with! Graduating from BU - utilizing the cutting edge Blackboard learning system work/life/family as! I didn ’ t part of the class drop during those classes city you be... Will complete my degree must be done prior to accomplishing the assignments and weekly quizzes below! Or nationwide comparison of Bellevue University 's fault, of course four weeks.! I personally find it hard to believe that this program will prepare you for the position of Special and. Sold for $ 8 and contain 20 coupons in a cohort method and!