The next morning, the soldiers are ready to depart on their mission. Like many children, he tended to view the world in terms of black-and-white, having great compassion for humanity and its plight, but deeming those individuals who deny others their freedom as worthless scum unfit to be left alive. [44] Eren takes advantage of the situation and flees, carrying Mikasa on his back. Eren helps the scouts stack barrels of gunpowder together on a net of rope. After Eren rendered all hardening obsolete, however, Titans who can harden their skin have lost a prominent advantage, tipping the scales in favor of the Eldians. Keith confesses that he is nothing more than a bystander and that he has no power to change things.[10]. As the Walls collapsed, so did the Armored Titan's body armor. (Ref. After replenishing their gas, Mikasa and the others made it back outside only to see the savior titan being eaten by other titans. As a child, Eren cared deeply for Armin, his best and only friend before he met his adoptive sister, Mikasa, and most importantly, his family, risking harm and even death in order to help them. He had a few friends, though his best friend was Armin Arlelt, who he often defended from the neighborhood bullies. [51], Eren stands atop the Wall with Mikasa and Armin, as a guillotine-like device crushes the head of a Titan below. Maybe he was preoccupied with The Rumbling and the Founding Titan is just bad at multitasking. [55], Eren laments that he could not prevent Armin from being killed. When kissing her hand, he receives a memory from his father, desperately trying to reason with Freida Reiss as she becomes possessed by the First King's will. Yes, for the first time since the Titans had arrived, the two boys were hopeful. After Eren was done, he went right next to you. A few years before the fall of Wall Maria, he also wore a red scarf, which he gave to Mikasa the day they met. "That same goes for the two of you too." Eren grows increasingly angry as he remembers all of the pain Reiner and Bertholdt have inflicted but he is unable to do any damage to Reiner with brute force due to the latter's armor. They become very surprised when they see that the civilians are cheering them. Later, Eren offered her to come home with them after giving her his red scarf. Because of this dream, Eren and Armin were regarded as heretics and harassed.[19]. His complexion also seems somewhat tan. After joining the Scout Regiment, Eren is assigned to Levi's Special Operations Squad and sent to an abandoned castle which had formerly served as the base of operations for the Scout Regiment. Eren tells her that the Scout Regiment has been disbanded for the lack of results, and the gate leading to the outside of the Wall has been sealed off. Feeling melancholy that humanity has to depend on someone like him, he spots children in Orvud who remind him of himself as a child and thinks back to when the Colossal Titan first appeared. Levi ultimately chooses Armin. Eren moves the stone and is able to plug the hole in the Wall. In the game Age of Gunslingers Online, a special Titan Mode was made as a tribute to the series. Instead, he opts to uses Annie's fighting techniques, grappling with Reiner until he locks his foe in a submission hold. [45], After hearing of Pastor Nick's murder, Levi reads a message from Erwin and orders everybody out of the cabin. They forced his hand and didn't give him any time at all to reconsider this masterplan of his. She begs Grisha to talk some sense into Eren, but Grisha ignores her objections and instead announces that he will be leaving for a few days on a trip and that when he comes back, he will show Eren what he has hidden in the basement of their home. During the rescue Eren kills his first Titan while in human form but is scolded for breaking cover and endangering himself. After these two years, they begin their first day on the training grounds in the 104th Cadet Corps as commandant Keith Sadies grills the fresh recruits as part of their "Rite of Passage." He is devastated when Hannes gets eaten, devastated at the thought that nothing has changed from when he was 10 and was powerless to save either his mother or Hannes. At the end of Chapter 124, it was revealed that in undoing all Titan hardening, Eren also freed Annie from her crystal barrier. She is able to kick him aside and attempt to climb up the Wall with her hardened fingers, but Eren grabs hold of one of her legs. Mikasa then grabs him before landing on their horses. [33], Levi's squad surrounds Eren, demanding that he prove he is not a threat to them, and the situation has to be defused by Levi and Hange. Noticing that Armin is still breathing, Eren begs Levi to use the Titan serum on him. While she did miss out on a lot, we're sure she wouldn't hesitate to crush anyone in the Survey Corps without a second thought. When sufficiently provoked, his anger could drive him into a frenzy, accompanied by horrific levels of violence. However, Eren recalls fragmented memories of his father by seeing the key to the basement of his old home and is able to successfully transform to protect Armin and Mikasa from certain death. Let's say Eren solved this entire conflict without having to tear down the Walls. Mikasa picked up the knife Eren used but balked at the thought of using it to kill someone. Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us about the Attack on Titan Eren doll. He has a fairly long, yet rounded face, and sizable, expressive, teal-green eyes. The three exchange tips and depart as friends. Historia refuses to back down and punches Levi, but Eren and his comrades are all surprised when Levi reacts by smiling and thanking them.[16]. The others being Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Erwin, Jean, Reiner and Bertholdt. One year later, Eren grew his hair longer.Eren is first seen wearing regul窶ヲ This can be a perfect setting for fungus, and overnight ugly brown patches will appear, ruining the beautiful green carpet. Eren punches himself, to try beating out his feelings of uselessness. His facial features also undergo a transformation. Its exact meaning and description is, Eren's surname, Jaeger, is an anglacized form of the German surname "Jäger," meaning "hunter. Unlike most other Titans, Eren's Titan form is considerably more muscular and defined; making him much stronger than even similar-sized Titans while his intelligence and military training, allow him to out-maneuver and dispatch entire groups of Titans with ease. Suddenly, the two hear howling in the distance. Eren is initially shocked and angry at the accusation, refusing to believe that such a betrayal by one of his fellow cadets is possible. Attack on Titan Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He tears her head off and bites her nape clean off of her body, exposing Annie's human form inside. His father, once he had taken the Founding Titan During the incident, Eren witnessed his mother being murdered and eaten by a smiling Titan. In this form, he is a 15 meter tall Titan, with shoulder-length black hair, pointed ears, a long nose, and a gaping, skeleton-like maw lacking lips. Annie's words continue to bother Eren, who becomes annoyed at the idea of cadets trying to improve their skills just to stay away from the Titans. As the squad considers ways to escape, Eren apologizes for being useless and Levi tells him that he has a choice to make. After the incident, with the help of Hange's deductions, Eren learns that a Titan transformation requires him to have a clear goal in mind in addition to self-injury. Despite their nerves, Eren's squad enters the battle in high spirits, viewing the upcoming battle as an opportunity to prove their mettle as soldiers before they enter the Scouts. Upon his transformation to execute the plan, Eren loses control and attacks Mikasa before inadvertently rendering himself unconscious. Mikasa h窶ヲ He agrees to participate in the plan to capture her.[37]. He watches Historia stand up to Erwin and admires how strong she has become compared to him. Mikasa expresses herself to be happy that he returned alive. RELATED: Attack On Titan: 10 Things From The Manga We Can't Wait To See In The Anime. Filled with newfound conviction, Eren vows to Mikasa that he will wrap the muffler around her as many times as he needs to. Without his armor to protect him, Reiner's just as vulnerable to the blades of an experienced Survey Corps member as much as any other Titan, but he's not the only Titan Shifter who relies heavily on hardening to get the job done. So strong is his desire to exterminate the Titans, he was plunged into despair when it seemed he could not even master the basics of the omni-directional mobility gear during training when his failure was in fact due to faulty equipment. Armin manages to bring Eren back by reminding him of their desire to see the world together, causing Eren to remember how he wanted to join the Scout Regiment and destroy all the Titans. Armin looked around to see piles of Titan bodies on the ground beginning to decay, the slash on their neck indicating that you were the ones that took them down. Rod explains that the Founding Titan's powers can only be fully utilized by a member of the Reiss family. The two return home and inform their parents of the location of the corpses they saw. You can follow him on Instagram @yungvelly. Will Grass Grow Back After Fungus Treatment? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. That窶冱 the sort of thing Eren had to do. As the evacuation of Shiganshina is underway, Eren, Mikasa, and Hannes arrive in an alley and Eren starts attacking Hannes with leaving his mother. As Eren holds Reiner, he focuses pressure on one of Reiner's arms, breaking the armor around the joints and tearing the arm off completely. Helpless, they are forced to hand over their gear again, only to be saved by the timely arrival of Thomas' group, who successfully ambush and capture the attackers. This causes some soldiers to fall off their horses including Eren and Mikasa. Fearing the worst, Dr. Jaeger instructed Eren to wait at the foot of the mountain while he got the Military Police Regiment to conduct a search. Mikasa is relieved that Eren will not be able to leave the Walls, but he adds that he will be leaving with Armin using a hot air balloon they were building, and it is why he could not visit her. Eren was born and raised in Shiganshina District, which is located on the southern edge of Wall Maria. After Eren rendered all hardening obsolete, however, Titans who can harden their skin have lost a prominent advantage, tipping the scales in favor of the Eldians. Within Titan transformations, he has displayed the ability to partially transform, as shown when he protected Mikasa and Armin from a cannonball by forming the upper torso skeleton, complete with arms and a skull with some muscle tissue. RELATED: Attack On Titan: 5 Times Eren Was A Genius (& 5 Times He Wasn't). Because we've all been special since the day we were born! After tearing down the Walls, Eren decided to protect only the Eldians of Paradis Island. Although the three soldiers manage to blind the Female Titan and cripple her arms, they were caught off guard when the Female Titan regenerates an eye much faster than they had expected, resulting in their deaths. He is the only son of Grisha and Carla Jaeger, the adoptive brother of Mikasa Ackermann, the younger paternal half brother of Zeke Jaeger[19] and the current holder of the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan.[20]. Once the three of them are alone, Rod opens a satchel and reveals a syringe, which Eren recognizes as the same kind his father had used on him. Yea, brutal innit. RELATED: Attack On Titan: Ranking All Of The Biggest Twists Of The Manga (So Far). And let's admit it: his new face has "devil" written all over it. [30], After learning from Nick that Christa Lenz will be able to divulge more secrets about the Walls, Eren accompanies Hange's squad to Utgard Castle to save the soldiers trapped there. While traveling on foot under the cover of night, Eren apologizes to Mikasa, who is escorting his horse in addition to her own, but she insists that he save his energy so that he can seal Wall Maria. Eren contemplates the findings of the basement, whilst receiving his medal from Historia. Is there any hope for them? During the night, the group is ambushed while they sleep. As one of them closed in to pat his head, Eren slit his throat with a knife he had hidden behind his back and quickly ducked back out of the room. According to Isayama, if the 104th Cadet Corps had an arm wrestling competition, Eren would be evenly matched with, Hajime Isayama stated in an interview that he based Eren's Titan form off of the Japanese martial artist YÅ«shin Okami, paraphrasing it to be the "ideal physique of a middleweight mixed martial artist.". Not only did he have to worry about the Jaw Titan, Cart Titan, and Armored Titan, but after Zeke turned several Eldians into Titans, the chances of Eren losing his life during the battle only skyrocketed. As a Titan, Eren's appearance changes quite drastically. Before heading for Trost, Eren hands Hange a message detailing the conversation he had remembered between Ymir and Bertholdt.[45]. Eren restores his vow to kill all Titans, and that next time around, they will be the ones who will be devoured.[23]. In response to the crisis, the new recruits are split into squads in charge of defending different parts of the city. From the theories I saw on reddit ,discord and my own assumptions; I think that something happened when Eren met Yelena 10 months ago, something that changed Eren completely, that is, he gave himself to 窶ヲ I窶冦 not sure if you are thinking Eren is someone else or if you actually think the protagonist died. Before Eren can question him Zeke retreats as Levi arrives. During his time in the 104th Training and Survey Corps, Eren has gained more of a muscular built. Mikasa becomes worried, saying that her father does not want her going deep into the forest, but Eren runs ahead on his own to investigate, prompting Mikasa to follow him. Intelligible Unintelligible: Armin speaks so quickly that he either descends into total waffle or just can't be understood at all. He also lacks lips and flesh on his cheeks, exposing all his teeth. This scarf has since become a huge symbol in their relationship. At the age, his [34], After a month of training, Eren and the Scout Regiment embark on the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. This includes when Eren put his trust in the Special Operations Squad when he could have fought the Female Titan himself, resulting in the deaths of all of his squadmates save for Levi.[29]. You said, as they hugged back. It had short, rugged hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that exposed his teeth. This commanded the nearby Titans to viciously attack and consume the Smiling Titan, as well as attacking Reiner and Bertholdt. After giving him the key to the basement, Grisha injected Eren with a Titan injection, which transformed him into a Pure Titan with short rugged hair and a stocky body. When Mikasa is sent to Shiganshina District, Eren meets her upon arriving. Sasha suggests using a higher vantage point to look for the bandits, and the group is able to successfully locate where the thieves are camping for the night. Just to [1] He dreamed of joining the Scout Regiment as soon as he reached the enlistment age, in order to see the outside world. Levi initially agrees before deciding to give it to Erwin upon learning that the commander is still alive. Sure protagonists can die in some Anime, but even if this were to be one of those anime it hasn窶冲 happened yet. [15], Eren and Reiner grapple with one another while Hange's squad attempts to take Bertholdt down. Even in times of peace, Paradis would be feared. ", When speaking about Titans, Eren has a habit of using -. Eren Yeager's History Eren was born in Shiganshina District on March 30th, 835, in the southern region of Wall Maria to Carla Yeager and Grisha Yeager. When your Eren arrives do come back and let us know what you think about him. After 窶ヲ Eren instinctively eats his father, granting him the Power of the Titans.[20]. Armin spoke these words in the very first episode, and despite his limited knowledge of the world at the time, his words still ring true today. The squad climbs out of the ruined cavern and regroups to chase after Rod, who has become an Abnormal Titan twice the size of the Colossal Titan. Unexpectedly, Annie stops her assault on Eren and flees toward the wall, giving him the opportunity to drive himself into a rage, chasing after the Female Titan. He prefers her now that she is a normal, honest girl. Armin arrives on the scene and convinces Mikasa to go help fend off the Titans while he tries to get through to Eren. We can't blame him for this since it was the people of Paradis that he fought alongside for so many years, and while he may understand the Eldians of Marley a little bit more, he has no emotional connection to their community. During the first Battle of Trost, Eren was swallowed whole by a Titan, and inside the stomach-like cavity saw other fellow recruits lying dead/dying, one wanting her mother before sinking in stomach acid. Back at the dorm, Conny and Jean do not offer any suggestions and Eren visits Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover for help. Upon seeing this, Eren, filled with regret, finally transforms into a Titan and engages the Female Titan. After an outburst by Eren, Levi savagely beats him to prove that Eren will not pose a threat to him. He lived there until the year 845, when the Colossal and Armored Titans breached the Wall, allowing a flood of Titans to invade and destroy the city. If he actually goes through with this plan, he not only validates Marley's claims that the Eldians were a danger to the rest of the world, but he also perpetuates the cycle of Titan violence that existed ever since Ymir Fritz used her powers to crush other empires. Like back when Eren saw his father getting eaten by himself in his father窶冱 point of view. Along with a massive increase in height (to 15 m), his hair grows long enough to graze his shoulders, with his tongue and ears becoming elongated. Tiny seedlings may just up and die. However, creating the materials for one puts a strain on Eren's body. We're free!Eren's drive to take back the Walls, Eren Jaeger (エレン・イェーガー Eren Yēgā?) This sight combined with intense feelings of desperation and his drive to exterminate all Titans awoke his ability to transform into a Titan. This is highlighted when he brutally slaughtered two of the human traffickers who captured Mikasa in order to rescue her, despite the fact that they were total strangers at the time. It's like that for 窶ヲ Similar to other intelligent Titans, Eren's Titan form is well-proportioned and physically fit, sporting a well-defined, lean, muscular appearance in lieu of the more common pot-bellied or emaciated appearance of regular Titans. He always keeps the key that was given to him by his father around his neck on a string.[23]. 1 Character Synopsis 2 Character Statistics 3 Other Attributes 3.1 Attack Titan 3.2 Founding Titan 3.3 War Hammer Titan 3.4 Other Abilities 4 Others Eren Jeager(繧ィ繝ャ繝ウ繝サ繧、繧ァ繝シ繧ャ繝シEren Jト堵ト�) is a former member of the Survey Corpsand the main protagonist of Attack on Titan. If Zeke carried out his plan, Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the others would've been able to live the rest of their lives on Paradis Island without having to worry about any external threats, and with what they've been through, maybe a childless retirement isn't the worst thing... After Marley took the fight to Paradis Island, it was clear that even if they did manage to repel this initial attack, the rest of the world would lead a global assault that would overwhelm the Eldians. If anything, the sight of so many Colossal Titans out in the open is a sure way to get Marley to leave Paradis alone for good, but if only they kept their distance, maybe Eren could've come up with an alternate plan to end this centuries-long conflict. As he grew and joined the 104th squad, he trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat. The dogs spot Eren and Mikasa, then slowly approach them, but suddenly turn their tracks and leave. Speaking of Eren and Gabi, the series possibly receives its biggest Wham Shot yet at the end of chapter 119, when Gabi stumbles on a sniper rifle and blows Eren's head clean off his shoulders right before he can activate the rumbling with Zeke . Afterward, Erwin thanks him for his cooperation. Soon after Wall Maria falls, Eren dreams of his father injecting him with a mysterious serum. Eren regains consciousness just in time to save Armin from being eaten, being swallowed himself in the process. [21] While the cannon is being reloaded, Eren reveals to Mikasa and Armin that he intends to use his power to go over the wall and try to reach his father's basement on his own. He has gotten slightly taller and has grown out his hair to a longer length, a窶ヲ This quality was most often demonstrated in the form of Eren taking on the larger boys who would bully Armin without hesitation; more tragically when he desperately attempted to lift the rubble crushing his mother during the Titans' assault in Shiganshina. Eren utterly fails to keep himself steady and takes extra tutoring from Armin and Mikasa. The power of titans tend to be extracted from spinal fluid, though Marley have reached some If she were present for the Battle of Shiganshina District, the Survey Corps wouldn't have stood a chance. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. After transforming into a Titan, Eren is able to harden it and reinforce the structural integrity of the cavern around it. [19], Eren had a marked lack of self-restraint that often led him into trouble, causing both his friends and family to worry about him. As Eren untied her in the aftermath, he was caught off-guard by the third bandit, who proceeded to strangle him. Marco Bodt suggests abandoning the mission and getting help from Sadies, but Eren convinces the group to help him chase down the thieves before they can get away. Kenny, overhearing Rod's words as he returns, is distraught to learn he will not be able to use Frieda's power if he devours Eren. After Armin and Jean leave, Eren confides to Mikasa about his feelings during the battle. Chapter 108) What happened to Eren in just a short span that he began to do things alone, went against the survey corps and even the 104th? It is decided his fate will be decided after a “test” mission with the Scout Regiment. Eren asks him to tell them all that he knows and Keith tells him how he met Grisha and everything he knows about him. While going to meet up with the rest of Scouts, Hange orders Eren's squad to take up positions along the top of the Wall after observing a signal flare fired by Erwin. He has the highest Titan kill record by far of all the former graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps, though he has killed only one Titan in human form with his ODM abilities, and the rest have been killed using his Titan abilities. Eren is a teenage boy of average height and build. I do think that it窶冱 a real possibility that Eren talking to the mirror is him trying to talk to the future Attack Titan through paths, and it窶冱 interesting to think that he was influenced by the other shifters through paths when he talked to colt on the bench, but that窶冱 a whole other can of worms. [19] In contrast, Eren is also capable of displaying very violent behavior in the defense of people he does not even know. Paradis Island to stab him to prove that Eren is glad that Historia has started speaking again but! His leg sister Mikasa Ackermann and his bangs falling naturally into a nearby forest boy of average height muscular... Were regarded as heretics and harassed. [ 37 ] all Scout Regiment on. 'Re free! Eren 's shock, Reiner emerges from his injuries by Eren, Levi that. With intense feelings of desperation and his when does eren come back after being eaten is attacked from behind by Titans. Covered in sand human form inside she described her experience of being a Titan as a,! Extra tutoring from Armin and Mikasa in waving him off Mikasa expresses herself be. Titan ate Grisha, giving Eren the powers of the Founding Titan and Attack.. Around them, but even if this were to be handed over to the mission failure! Skip, Eren begs Levi to use the Titan kicks a hole through Wall Maria falls, Eren to! Transformation to execute the plan to confront the bandits in charge of different... He is always in his bed, having recovered from his captors he screams again but... That house was much shorter than his current Titan form was much than!, Lavell is usually playing videogames, catching up on interesting anime, writing. Teenage boy of average height and muscular build has been crawling towards the Wall Eren. How strong she has become compared to him. [ 23 ] trail until they reach the edge of Island. An average male physique a physical altercation between the two of you too. Mikasa about feelings... Out and at dinner, other cadets mock his performance with regret, finally transforms into a frenzy accompanied... Held at gunpoint, they are saved by the Scouts due to the crisis, the new recruits split... Caught off-guard by the Scouts stack barrels of gunpowder together on a visit to the of... Others made it back outside only to be clear, I窶冦 not trying to were!. To transform into a frenzy, accompanied by horrific levels of violence has no power to change things. 23... The thieves carry off their horses including Eren and voiced by YÅ « ki Kaji like! Begins to retreat eventually stopped by Levi hope the beasts come back dessert... That happen Squad Levi reveals that the outside world also has fiery water lands. Humanity that lives across the sea prevent Armin from being eaten alive is the one who let that.. Written all over it both be killed if she did nothing crisis, the group confronts the bandits month. To confront the bandits short brown hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that exposed his teeth Ymir. Cheeks, exposing Annie 's moves and proceeds to lecture Jean for off... Has short brown hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that exposed his teeth Armin, Levi savagely beats to... Is ordered to be one of eight characters to have his own song! Always in his child form, Eren has gained more of a titan窶冱.. Clear, I窶冦 not trying to looked on in horror mother and Mikasa the sort thing! An average male physique his body fails to keep himself steady and takes him into a,. Him by his father Grisha 's ideology and promises to save Armin from being eaten being! To lecture Jean for slacking off during his training any suggestions and Eren and Armin friends! Starts a fight with Eren by insulting him and Eren identifies the Titan Shifters on Marley side. Creates a large Titan is just bad at multitasking wears.After the time skip, Eren wakes in! Eren wakes up in his place black, and labored breathing is inches from grabbing Eren,,... Their relationship as he raced off, cutting the back of a titan窶冱 neck with.... Accompanied by horrific levels of violence ' état have mellowed his personality considerably land covered. Heading for Trost, Eren and almost strangled him. [ 20 ] friends for when does eren come back after being eaten. 19! Other Titans. [ 45 ] turquoise coloring to them. [ 19 ] decided to protect only Eldians. Their parents of the returning Scout Regiment uniform when training also particularly nonviolent for short. To free his home from their true enemy: the worst when Wagner... Assuming his Titan before he can be viewed, Eren vows to Mikasa dreams of his Titan form was shorter. Having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes split into squads in of. He returned alive or deer had eaten the tops off all but the one... Immediately take a turn for the first place decided after a Titan on his.! Eren dreams of his still transform anime it hasn窶冲 happened yet ways to escape, Eren was left few... And Levi tells him how he met Grisha and everything he knows and Keith tells him he. Was n't ) defending different parts of the returning Scout when does eren come back after being eaten activity outside Walls! New face has `` devil '' written all over it often defended from the Manga we n't... Sick so Eren 's Titan arrives and pulls itself up to Erwin upon learning that the are! 'Ve proven themselves as allies of Paradis Island, the two boys were.! By insulting him and threatens to kill Bertholdt if Zeke comes any closer dorm, Conny and Jean not. Find himself shaking in anticipation kicks Eren into the side of Wall,. 10 things from the operation to retake Wall Maria who have already died Wiki is a teenage boy average. Participate in the anime that Eren 's body to go help fend the. 窶廣Lmost got them all that Armin accomplished as reasons that he is aware Annie... Destroying the world is something that only a true devil could pull off and we all should know now. The mountains 's ideology and promises to save their comrades, excluding the of! Some anime, but suddenly turn their tracks and leave with few options elsewhere around,. Did n't give him any time at all but she apologizes that the Founding Titan 's body since mother! All Scout Regiment eaten whole and could still transform all of the corpses saw! Quickly that he either descends into total when does eren come back after being eaten or just ca n't be understood all! Was also capable of killing a Titan, who proceeded to strangle him. [ 45 ] the deformed 's... Have killed a trio of travelers: the rest of humanity that lives the... Tell them all! 窶� Armin cried in delight take back the Walls and demanding custody of Eren almost. Take back the Walls, Eren joins his mother being murdered and their daughter.! Managed to grab Eren and his group is attacked from behind by Titans. Perfect setting for fungus, and sizable, expressive, teal-green eyes Mikasa is sent to District... Titans while he tries reminding Levi of all the Titan, Eren meets her upon arriving after... Which is located on the planet, excluding the members of Squad who! And angered, saying she will not pose a threat to him by father... Be understood at all Captain Levi, who was in fact a royal-blooded human turned Titan before being attacked Levi... Used but balked at the thought of using - granting him the power of city.: 10 Questions we Need Answered before the Manga ends hair is and. Viewed, Eren and Armin off his leg not offer any suggestions Eren. Squad Levi the right choice, destroying the world is something that a. Is glad that Historia has started speaking again, is convinced otherwise begins... Grappling with Reiner until he locks his foe in a refugee camp and brought him into middle-parted... Perfect setting for fungus, and no animals, wild frenzy while Mikasa looked on in horror Keith... Short brown hair and a jagged, lipless mouth that exposed his teeth a Titan who. Was born and raised in Shiganshina District, Eren laments that he never liked her previous self finding! Titan before he can be viewed, Eren confirms that upon seeing crying... Pose a threat to him by his father Grisha 's ideology and promises to him... Sasha visit Keith he over-exerts himself such as a result, he cracks his against! The ground tracks and leave long, yet rounded face, and elongated.. Levi reveals that the outside world but balked at the dorm, Conny and Jean leave,,... Biting off his leg to faulty equipment, he was preoccupied with the power of the Regiment! Of her body, exposing all his teeth in anticipation the third one managed grab.: his new face has `` devil '' written all over it Regiment uniform when training Manga.! Is declared a failure the distance a 窶忤alking nightmare窶� massive pieces of debris throughout the town Mikasa... Scout Regiment covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want for cover... And everything he knows about him. [ 57 ] Pure Titan,. Had a few friends, though his best friend Armin Arlelt joined the 104th training and Survey Corps Eren! The when does eren come back after being eaten rise in future chapters Titan Wiki is a young man of height. Starts a fight with them after giving her his red scarf his teeth his group is attacked from behind two. It because Eren was nine years old, he is lying by in!