Pure Green – Organic treatment program

“Pure Green” Organic Treatment Program


Our Organic Program starts with a thorough inspection of your property.


  • Proper identification of the pest or pests
  • Potential Feeding Sites
  • Potential Moisture Sites
  • Potential Harborage Sites

The evaluation process will allow us to make proper recommendations and design a controlled approach to eliminating the current and future pest problems. By eliminating sources of Food, Water and Shelter pests can be naturally deterred from entering your property.


We will place monitoring devices in key locations to determine levels of infestation. These monitors will allow us to catch and identify the pest as well as give us an idea of where they are coming from.


We strive to provide a service that incorporates the lowest impact, non-chemical, and least disruptive solution to your environment. Our “Pure Green” program offers Organic Products that are selected based on effect and impact. These products were chosen on the natural defenses that plants use to combat insects. Our botanical products are made from essential oils such as peppermint, clove, thyme, cedar tree, and rosemary.

We also offer the Advance® Termite Bait System for the safest approach to termite control.

Post Treatment Evaluation Report

After each inspection/service we will give you a detailed report outlining the results of our treatment, the products that were used on your property and any suggestions to prevent future infestations.

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