Rodent Control Program

Rodent Control Program

Rats and mice are commensal – meaning that they prefer to share shelter and food with man. They share our workspaces, hospitals, schools, restaurants food processing plants and our homes.


Our rodent control program starts with a thorough inspection of your property.


  1. Inspect interior and exterior points of entry and make recommendations for repair.
  2. Explore conditions that are friendly to breeding and interior movement, make recommendations for repair.
  3. Estimate the size of populations and design a program designed for your structure.


  1. Control measures may include a combination of monitors, trapping, interior and or exterior tamper resistant rodent stations.
  2. Perform a follow-up inspection in 14 days, check the bait stations for consumption, and notate the areas of heaviest feeding refill stations as needed.
  3. Re-inspect areas of heavy activity and look for additional entry points.
  4. Schedule next follow-up visit.

Mice Facts

Rodent feces and urine could contain millions of bacteria and viruses that can contaminate what they come in contact with and what they eat. They cause billions of dollars worth of damage to food and structures worldwide yearly.

Rats are the most destructive vertebrate in the world and mice hold the number 2 spot. It is suspected that one fourth of all house fires of unknown origin are caused by mice and rats.

Over 10 million people have died from rodent borne diseases. They are known to carry or spread about 55 different diseases including Typhus, Lyme, hanta-virus and the Plague.

Additional Services

Ask our inspector about our pest proofing services

Ask our inspector about our decontamination process using BioSweep.

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